Really Razzle, Dazzle ‘em with Rhinestone Garters

So, here at Marilyn’s Keepsakes, we always like to brainstorm new product ideas… no idea is too big, too small, too ugly or otherwise.  Thus, why brainstorming is fabulous… even the ugliest idea in the ‘storm can turn into a beautiful rainbow after all is said and done!  (And yeah, I totally just took it to that cheese level.  Boom.)

At our most recent brainstorm sesh, one of the girls (holllerrrr, Tonya!) brought an idea to the table that I absolutely loved: Pure Rhinestone Wedding Garters!  One, because I love sparkle.  Two, because there’s no better day to sparkle than your wedding day, and three, because it’s a Zsa Zsa twist on an age old tradition!

But I wanna know what you all think.  Do you like the idea of a garter that dazzles?!?!  Obvs, it would have to be done right, fastened with an enclosure that wouldn’t pinch and inset enough where the stones wouldn’t scrape, but pending those two factors… would this be a look you’d love to sport on your wedding day??

courtesty of Amy Ressa via