8 Wedding Trends Brides Will *Fall* in Love With

photos courtesy of societybride.com

photos courtesy of societybride.com

As the summer wedding season comes to a close, we mourn the end of yet another ahhhh to the mazing run, while looking forward to the next best thing… (say it with me!)… Awesomely Autumnal Nuptials!  I absolutely LOAF fall weddings, and with October topping June for most frequented wedding month, it would appear everyone else has jumped on board too!  It’s just such a beautiful time of year :)

The humidity has finally eased off, the hair has frizzed down and the beautifully rich hues of ever-changing trees and trends start to take over.  With the world of weddings continually serving up great trends, this autumn is sure to be just as spectacular. Here are the hottest wedding trends wedding forecasters are predicting for the top of Fall’s Finest:

#1 Mixed Florals.  This category actually extends way beyond your typical bouquets of fresh blooms. Deep red roses, vibrantly orange calla lilies and golden sunflowers serve as fall favorites, but arrangements will incorporate the great outdoors, as well. Think rustic twigs with raffia, pomegranate succulents, fresh hay and the best crunchy hues fall leaves have to offer.

photos courtesy of onewed.com, elizabethannedesigns.com, mountainsidebride.com  and photosbyjennifer.com

photos courtesy of onewed.com, elizabethannedesigns.com, mountainsidebride.com and photosbyjennifer.com

#2 Mini Pies.  These tiny treats actually blew up this summer as homemade reception favorites.  But warm and “nummy!” pies couldn’t have a better place than in the crisp weather of fall.  Not to mention, anything that comes in miniature is that much cuter and delicious!

photos courtesy of weddingchicks.com

photos courtesy of weddingchicks.com

#3 Styled Aisles.  Whether your ceremony takes place outside amongst the trees, or takes cover from the cold inside, your aisle is the perfect platform for some fall style. Jazz it up with a seasonal aisle runner, and embellish with mini pumpkins, orange lanterns, and leaves in every color.

photos courtesy of brideorama.com, elegantweddinginvites.com, louisville.styleblueprint.com, ashleysbrideguide.com and thebrideandgroom.com

photos courtesy of brideorama.com, elegantweddinginvites.com, louisville.styleblueprint.com, ashleysbrideguide.com and thebrideandgroom.com

#4 Caramel Apple Bars.  As wedding desserts grow more and more nontraditional, take a cue from a fall time favorite: caramel apples. Set up a buffet where guests can coat their apples with all the creamy caramel and chopped nuts they can handle.

photos courtesy of mydiyweddingday.com, marilynskeepsakes.com and camillabinks.com

photos courtesy of mydiyweddingday.com, marilynskeepsakes.com and camillabinks.com

#5 Tiered Dresses.  A striking gown trend that is sure to be in full force for the fall is tiered wedding dresses. These gowns range from feminine to structured, and are sure to be as multidimensional as your autumn wedding.

courtesy of weddinginspirasi.com

courtesy of weddinginspirasi.com

#6 Autumn-liscious Favors.  Send your guests home with a sweet slice of autumn. Apple butter, candied apples, and jars of apple cider are the perfect favors to thank your guests and celebrate the season.

courtesy of wedshare.com

courtesy of wedshare.com

#7 Bridal Cardigans.  Another craze garnering much attention these days is the bridal cardigan.  Ideal as a perfect touch of 1950s vintage, these trendy little sweaters are the perfect protection from chilly nighttime breezes and are sure to keep the bride rocking out the reception in style.

photos courtesy of loveandlavender.com and savannahsmiled.com

photos courtesy of loveandlavender.com and savannahsmiled.com

#8 Photo Booths.  Photo Booth mania hit a high this year and is no stranger to most bride-to-be’s. But when you get a backdrop exclusively designed for fall time weddings, you’re sure to have scored a fun reception accessory that most haven’t seen yet. Throw in a few Halloween costumes and let the good times roll.

photos courtesy of greenweddingshoes.com

photos courtesy of greenweddingshoes.com

And for a list of all our Favorite Fall Time Wedding Accessories, check us out at marilynskeepsakes.com.

Wild Card Wedding Trend: Brides + Grooms who Kick Back + Campout

courtesy of greenweddingshoes.com

courtesy of greenweddingshoes.com

Last summer when Matthew McConaughey tied the knot with long time girlfriend, Camila Alves, in front of 100 of their closest family and friends, a new trend was born!  According to US Magazine, McConaughey and Alves took their guests, which included famed Woody Harrelson and filmmaker Richard Linklater on a “high end” camping themed wedding adventure at their home in Austin, Texas.

But this was not just your average, childhood, sleep-away camp escapade.  Sure, the couple reconstructed their property into a campsite, but that doesn’t mean guests were roughing it by any sense of the phrase!  McConaughey and Alves not only offered the option of “celebrating all night long, camping out in state-of-the-art tents set up on [the couple's] property,” but they also offered showers, restrooms AND air-conditioning!  (Maybe the good ‘ole Kidwell family should’ve taken lessons from this duo before taking us on one of their camping “extravaganzas.” Ppppfffttt.

(Photography by http://www.dreamlovephotography.com)

courtesy of dreamlovephotography.com

In regards to this kind of star-studded nuptial digs, however?  Um, yes please!  And I’m not the only one!  Because celebrities tend to celebrate our biggest fashion and social trends, it’s no wonder that this idea took flight for brides and grooms planning their  2013 nuptials!

Coined “glamping,” grown up or glamorous camping has become all the rage with today’s modern brides and grooms looking to have a little fun!  According to Bridal Guide, couples are finding the idea of an adult version of summer camp super fun and a way to keep the celebration going.  Thus, paying proper homage to their ceremonial “I do’s.”

Not only that, but just like Matthew and Camila, they’re also doing it in style!  These wedding themed campgrounds aren’t filled with leaky, over heated, days of Yore tents covered melted ‘mallows.  Oh no.  Brides and grooms taking on grownup camping are all about serving up guests with oversized, ultra luxe tents, complete with electricity and fresh linens!  Talk about a new take on an old tradition!

Absolutely love love love this?  But how about you?  Would any of you turn your ceremony into a s’more-filled celebration?

courtesy of greenweddingshoes.com

courtesy of greenweddingshoes.com

NEW! Personalized Photo Products: Uniquely YOU!

Over here at Marilyn’s Keepsakes, we are THRILLED to introduce our very new very amazing very spectacular very own line of personalized photo products. We have stretch canvases and framed photographs and window clings and, heck yes, bottle huggers!

Courtesy of Lindsey Kroemer Photography

We are so excited to offer our new services to you. With the abilities of our printers here, we can capture, print, package and ship the product directly to you. You have the opportunity to personalize each product exactly how you want it, everything from text, photos and colors. So your potential of your piece is practically limitless. Any photo you deem worthy of becoming a photo is fair game. Tip: If you are thinking about using professional photography from a special event, please ask the photographer to make sure you have the rights to do so. I’d totally love to see my work on some of these beauties, personally.

The charm and personality comes alive with each piece that is distinctly you. I simply love the fact that they make perfect personal gifts for friends and family. They make it easy to share special memories, such as weddings and birthdays. I’m very tempted to buy the Custom Photo Collage Flask (PH1134C) for nights out with my best friends…just don’t say anything to them.

Personalize products to highlight big events in your life. Pictured is an array of items at www.marilynskeepsakes.com.

Marilyn’s Keepsakes offers so many different products to personalize with photos, that the uses for you are endless. Window clings for the wedding get-away, shot glasses for a (very fun) 30th birthday party, toppers for that gorgeous wedding cake, canvas prints and framed photographs to decorate your home, just to name a few. The piece-DE-resistance? The ability to create your product yourself, right on your own computer screen so you know EXACTLY what you’re getting. There’s no guessing game involved! How easy is that?

Personalized Photo Products are becoming quite the trend this wedding season and I can see why. What a lovely keepsake to cherish for years to come!

Wedding Trend Alert for 2012: In Love with Illusion

Kirsten Dunst as Betty Warren in 2003's Mona Lisa Smile. (courtesy of blue-ray.com)

So, I must confess I thought about this budding re-trend while flipping through the channels last night after coming across the wedding scene from 2003′s Mona Lisa Smile.  Starring Julia Roberts and Kirsten Dunst, the movie itself is mediocre at best, but the wedding scene is undeniably amazeballs. 

Kirsten Dunst, who plays Betty Warren — a viciously rotten, wanna-punch-her-in-the-face type character – has an uncanny way of looking incredibly breathtaking while remaining painfully irritating.  Even though her character’s a real hoe’s beast, Dunst still looks fiercely fabulous in her bridal best… but how could this be??  How could such a hard personality create such a soft silhouette??

Well, with an illusion neckline, of course!!

Like any good fashion trend, I’m referencing this one as a “re-trend” because it’s already had a killer past… currently has a fantastic present and will undoubtedly continue with an incredible future.  Hence why this trendtastic retro rewind has become one of my faves!  And there’s no area I love to see a fave trend embraced more than (drum roll, please)… the wedding gown!!!  Duh! 

Because the illusion neckline creates a sort of subtle drama, it’s perfect for bridal royalty… and I mean that for seriously too!  Several Princesses – including but not limited to – Grace Kelly, Princess Consort of Monaco; Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Mia Thermopolis (played by Anne Hathaway in Disney’s The Princess Diaries), Princess of Genovia, haha, used this trend impeccably while they dishing out the ‘I do’s’!  Even celebrity royalty like Ivanka Trump, Princess of the man with serious hair issues, couldn’t resist a sheer neckline to celebrate her nuptial debut :) 

from top, Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, Ivanka Trump and Anne Hathaway (courtesy of whiteweddingdresses.onsugar.com, 100worldnews.blogspot.com, the-weddingdresses.com and hotflick.net)

All these princesses knew the importance of creating a killer illusion, and it’s no wonder why so many designers are jumping on board this bridal trend.  Check out below and see some of my faves from their 2012 Spring and Fall Collections!

courtesy of (top to bottom, left to right) Alita Graham, Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Alvina Valenta (inset), Elizabeth Fillmore, Priscilla of Boston, Monique Lhuillier (one shoulder), Alvina Valenta (inset), Lela Rose, Reem Acra and Marchesa via brides.com

In Love with Lavender & the Colorful Brides who Work It

courtesy of Xposure via graziadaily.co.uk

Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, laaaavender’s green, when I am king, dilly dilly, you shall by queen!!

Purple has never been my pick of the litter when it comes to color, especially considering what works best on a wedding dress.  However, after a work friend (holler for a dollar, Carolyn!) sent me a link revealing Sofia Coppola’s wedding dress, I have to admit, I pretty much fell in love :)

Recently wed this past weekend in the garden of the Coppola family’s Palazzo Margherita in Bernalda, Italy, the daughter of revered film director, Francis Ford Coppola, looked like a breezy bridal dream sporting her tee-length, lavender wedding dress… and I gotta say, she (and it) deserve a double snap.  Not only does this trendy tress look amazing, but it compliments her chic, nonchalant style impeccably.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself and see!  It looks like she should be twirling in every pic!

courtesy of Xposure via graziadaily.co.uk

See, she needs to be aswirly twirly in these pics :)

courtesy of Xposure via graziadaily.co.uk

And if you’re a bride who loves this lavishly lavender trend but still longs for the more traditional look, why don’t you pull a Khloe Kardashian and just accent your gown with the pretty purple??

courtesy of okmagazine.com

And while Khloe K did it via Vera Wang, I also love love love this Claire Pettibone vintage number :)  It would make for a super chic DIY project!

courtesy of blogs.wishpot.com

Wedding Day Trend Alert: Capture the Moment Without Spoiling the Tradition

courtesy of Gina Leigh Photography via pbfingers.com

While traditionally speaking, it’s always been said to be bad luck for brides and grooms to see each other before the ceremony, we explored the benefits of kicking this tradition to the curb in our post, Catching a Glimpse ,and choosing to have a moment prior to the ceremony for just the two of you to see and be with each other.  Perks remain:

  • an intimate moment for just the two of you to share without having to share yourselves with everyone else
  • it not only creates beautifully candid shots of the two of you…
  • but it also can create time to get some of your “formal” wedding pictures out of the way (ie. bridal party, portraits, family shots, etc.) while everyone is at their freshest
  • and finally, can make for some uniquely beautiful memories

However – and this is a HUGE however - a girlfriend of mine (wad up, Linds!) sent me a link today exploring a ‘Behind the Door’ technique, which proves brides who are both trendy AND traditional can have her cake and eat it too when it comes to this!  (Sooo stinkin’  sad I didn’t think of it myself!)

The ‘Behind the Door’ technique puts you and your main squeeze right next to each other without revealing the way either one looks.  How, you might ask?  Well, by leaving a door – be it the one that enters into the bridal suite door or the church or wherever – and giving you a moment to hold hands, share in the moment and capture the memory… all without ever having to give up the tradition of the grand reveal! 

I mean how can you not love this idea?!?!  My hubs is my best friend.  He’s the one I talk to when I’m extremely happy or super sad or overly worried or incredibly annoying (you get the idea); so, it was very difficult to not have him there on the biggest day of our lives to share in that time with me.  Because we chose to stay on the side of tradition on our big day and didn’t see each other until my Papa walked me down the aisle — we felt it added to the anticipation and excitement of it all, we weren’t able to talk to each other :(  But if we would’ve done this, we could’ve had the BEST of BOTH worlds!  Check out Julie’s pics from her Peanut Butter Fingers Blog below:

courtesy of Gina Leigh Photography via pbfingers.com

Fourth of July’s Finest: Red, White & (Navy or Teal) Blue Weddings

photos courtesy of tinywater.com

It’s hard to believe, but this coming Monday will mark our 235th year as an independent nation.  Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s a cause for celebration in my book!

<Insert celebratory independence dance here>

I know you couldn’t see it, but believe me when I say, the moves I just did were amazeballs :)  And why were my moves so money, you may ask??  Well, because I love freedom – duh!  And even more so than freedom, I love… LOVE!  So, when you put the two together, I can’t think of any greater reason to pull up my celebration britches and have a BLASTIN’ good time!  Woot , woot!

Check out the punch of patriotic love below and see what I mean…

photos courtesy of ampersandphoto.net

photos courtesy of kateheadleyphotography.com

courtesy of elizabethannedesigns.com

courtesy of allsorts.typepad.com

photos courtesy of eatdrinkmarry.blogspot.com

courtesy of etsy.com

photos courtesy of tinywater.com

courtesy of weddingbeepro.com

photos courtesy of jacksonphotography.com

photos courtesy of north-west-wedding.co.uk

photos courtesy of eatdrinkmarry.blogspot.com

courtesy of asespromzai.blogspot.com

photos courtesy of gideonphoto.com

courtesy of tinywater.com

photos courtesy of thedailyveil.blogspot.com

Have a safe and HAPPY Fourth, everyone :) :) :)  And don’t forget, now thru July 4th, you can SAVE 30% on our Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers!!

Brides Get Boho-Chic with Anthropologie’s Wedding Line

photo courtesy of bhldn.com

You heard me right, ladies!  Anthropologie – a Bohemian beauty’s fashion dream come true – has recently announced the launch of their antique-chic and highly hipster line of wedding dresses and accessories!   

The spin-off shop, BHLDN (pronounced “Beholden”), is linked directly from their main site and has been causing “ooh’s and aww’s” since its launch on Monday, February 14 (aka Valentine’s Day, aka a day for lovers!)  But this 24 carat nugget of golden information has left me with paradoxical pangs of bittersweet in my belly.

Why, bittersweet?  You may ask…

Well, the sweetness comes in because A) I love love love me some Anthropologie diggs and B) with modern day weddings doing all kinds of rewinds back to vintage valor, no one could possibly dress a bride to impress better than Anthro-to-the-pologie! 

So how could there possibly be a bitter? You might continue…

That’s easy.  Because unlike all my bride-to-be beauties out there right now, I’m already hitched and can’t capitalize on this gem!  Haha! 

For cereal, their stuff is increds!  Their gowns range in price from $600 to $4000, and it would be best if you didn’t even get me started on the accessories!  If you’re a lady in waiting looking to be the ultimate vintage vixen, you needn’t look any further than their line of shut-up-these-SHOES-are-incredsjazztastic jewelrycouture cover-upsooh la la lingerie or adorably unique hair adornments

Don’t believe me?  Go their yourself or simply check out the sampling below:

Pleated Fantasy Gown $3600, Floral Artwork Dress $1800, Eyelet Medley Sheathe $1000 (courtesy of bhldn.com)

Floating Peony Headband $60, Botanical Garden Headband $460, Velvet Cocktail Hat $495 (courtesy of bhldn.com)

Agave Peep-Toes $350, Bow-Topped Slingbacks $310, Beaded Brocade Slingbacks $310 (courtesy of bhldn.com)

Portraiture Bolero $150, Feather Bolero $350, Bow-Topped Bolero $120 (courtesy of bhldn.com)

Neo Triple Strand $350, Pave Marvel Earrings $188, Namesake Beaded Bracelets $180.00 (courtesy of bhldn.com)

Vanity Table Peignoir $250, Joie de Vivre Netted Chiffon Bra $82, Knotted Gamine Thong $38 (courtesy of bhldn.com)

Top 10 Dress Wedding Trends for Spring 2011

According to theknot.com, there are several wedding dress trends brides should be on the lookout for in 2011, and Marilyn’s Keepsakes is proud to put our stamp of approval on some of our faves!

Trend #1: Dainty Dots

From the sweet and sophisticated to the modern and modish, dotting your bridal gown with this girly trend is the perfect way to accent your look without taking away from your overall appeal.

Designer: Christos (photos courtesy of christosbridal.com)

Trend #2: Billowy Skirts

Frothy layers of sex appeal come to life when you modernize the ball gown with oversized layers of soft chiffon and tulle fabrics.

Designer: David Fielden (photos courtesy of kleinfeldbridal.com)

Trend #3: Spirals

Razzle Dazzle ‘em with oodles of ra-ra-ruffles when you walk down the aisle in these diva details complete with stylish pleats and flair-worthy levels.

Designer: Marchesa (photo courtesy of theknot.com)

Trend #4: Keyhole Necklines

Creating a vintage inspired, peek-a-boo treat that brides will love, keyhole necklines are a unique blend of modern trend and retro-chic.

Designer: Monique Lhuillier (photos courtesy of moniquelhuillier.com)

Trend #5: Tiny Tiers

Complementary to all body types, this type of soft rouching does a fabulous job for creating form flattering lines and soft silhouettes.

Designer: Alvina Valenta (photos courtesy of jlmcouture.com)

Trend #6: Full Blooms

Love will be in full bloom when you blossom down the runway, err, I mean aisle in a gown raptured by Springtime magic.  Whether highlighting one centerpiece blossom or creating a frock of full of florals, you’ll surely make friends and family “ooh and ahh” with this trendy treat.

Designer: Allure Couture & Bridals (photos courtesy of allurebridals.com)

Trend #7: Sheer Coverage

Sexiness personified.  Revel in the revealing appeal of sheer coverage when you dance your wedding night away in one of couture’s most current and up-to-date looks.

Designer: Pnina Tornai (photos courtesy of kleinfeldbridal.com)

Trend #8: Separates

Who needs a full on wardrobe change when you can simply swap out elements.  When you dress to impress with exchangeable pieces, you’ll easily create a look that can go from fun and flirty to dramatic and girly.

Designer: Melissa Sweet (photo courtesy of theknot.com)

Trend #9: Modified Mermaid Silhouettes

Want the uber sexiness or mermaid styles without cutting your movement ni half?  Then, look no further that with these softer, fit ‘n’ flare styles that start to expand out just above the knee.

Designer: Vera Wang (photos courtesy of verawang.com)

Trend #10: Embellished Belts

Define your waist with class when you decorate it with a beautiful belt, embellished crystals, pearls, beads and bobbles.

Designer: Romona Keveza (photos courtesy of legendsbyromonakeveza.com)

What Happens When Fairytale Florals & Vampire Vixens Collide?: Pure Magic, of Course!

Designer, Lazaro (photo courtesy of jlmcouture.com)

If the saying, “little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice” holds true in its nature… then the following wedding dresses are a girl’s dream come true!

Combining the “sugar” of delicate florals and flowing fabrics to the bottom and the “spice” of form-fitting corsets and vamp’ed up couture to the top, designers the world over have discovered just how much opposites do attract when it comes to bridal gown glamour.  By creating the sharp contrast between the two, equally fantastical design trends, wedding gowns based off of this unique pattern give a large dose of once-upon-time whimsy with a supersized side of uber sessy!

My eye can’t help but dance from dress to dress styled with curve-hugging corsets, inspired by the undeniable sensuality of Victorian vixens and blossoming bottoms, paralleled by oversized Springtime blooms.  While neither design element is new to bridal fashion, the combination has become one of 2010′s biggest jaw dropping looks and is showing little to no sign of letting up in 2011! 

And while designers like Monique Lhuillier and Allure Bridals lead the pack for mixing these fashion phenoms, it’s no wonder soooo many others have also dabbled in this DIVA-liscious dress trend!  Look below to see what I mean:

Designer, Allure Couture (photo courtesy of allurebridals.com)

Designer, Allure Couture (photo courtesy of allurebridals.com)

Designer, Allure Bridal (photo courtesy of allurebridals.com)

Designer, Allure Bridal (photo courtesy of allurebridals.com)

Designer, Allure Bridal (photo courtesy of allurebridals.com)

Designer, Illissa by Demetrios (photo courtesy of demetriosbride.com)

Designer, Blue by Demetrios (photo courtesy of demetriosbride.com)

Designer, Ultra Sophisticates by Demetrios (photo courtesy of demetriosbride.com)

Designer, Monique Lhuillier (photo courtesy of moniquelhuillier.com)

Designer, Monique Lhuillier (photo courtesy of moniquelhuillier.com)

Designer, Monique Lhuillier (photo courtesy of moniquelhuillier.com)

Designer, Sposa by St. Pucchi (photo courtesy of stpucchi.com)

Designer, Sposa by St. Pucchi (photo courtesy of stpucchi.com)

Designer, St. Pucchi Couture (photo courtesy of stpucchi.com)

Designer, St. Pucchi Couture (photo courtesy of stpucchi.com)