Shark Week Inspired Wedding Ideas for the Real Fin-atic!

Internet, today is a somber day. “Why?” you may be asking yourself. “Why so sad on this Thursday, you’re so close to the weekend?” I will tell you why…..SHARK WEEK IS ENDING, THAT’S WHY!! Sorry, I got a little emotional there….I love Shark Week. To celebrate the passing of another jaw-some Shark Week, I thought I would honor our toothy friends with some fun, unique, and inspired shark wedding decor! Check this stuff out!!

Fin-tastic Wedding Decor

Some Fin-tastic Wedding Ideas! photos courtesy of Google Images

At the end of this blog post, see if you can guess just how many shark puns I came up with! Ok, lets dive in, shall we (that’s one, stay on your toes people)? Let’s talk food! Cupcakes are becoming a bigger and bigger splash on the wedding scene, because, lets face it, it’s way easier to hand someone a cupcake than to cut up 3 billion pieces of cake at your reception. I promise, these shark fin cupcakes are guaranteed to go over just swimmingly with your guests! I about went into a frenzy when I found out that you can eat the fin, depending on whether or not you’re a fondant lover that is. To me, the stuff tastes like what I think chum tastes like. Not a fan!! Regardless, they are the most dangerously amazing looking cupcakes I’ve seen in a while, and I love me some cupcakes! If you do decide to go with the cake though, totally catch yourself a couple of those non-threatening looking cake toppers. Tooooo coool!

The cufflinks….shut up. Coolest cufflinks going right now! That’s right grooms, every girl’s crazy ’bout a shark dressed man (good one right?!)!

On a serious(ly cool) note, the shark fin wedding favors (bottom right corner) are bars of soap made by LUSH, a nonprofit organization that makes handmade, organic cosmetics! The profits from the Shark Fin Soap actually goes to stop the shark fin trade that is responsible for killing a gross amount of sharks in our oceans, so support it up!!

Lastly (*sheds a single, silent tear*) my favorite things, something you can really…chomp into. The shark fin ice cubes!! What a perfect compliment to whatever cocktail your signature drink may be! Come on, who doesn’t want a “shark” swimming around in their drink?! I know I do! Right now! Too much yelling. Sorry. I feel those Shark Week withdraw fits coming on again. Until next time…da-dum……da-dum…..da-dum da-dum da-dum….

The answer is 11 by the way…..11 puns. Nailed it. :)

Wedding Trend Alert: Bride and Groom Sittin’ in a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

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For brides that like to troll the blogosphere, you’ve probably noticed a growing wedding ceremony trend.  From hilly plains and dreamy woods to restful country sides and backyard barbeques, couples are saying “I do” under the grandest, most breathtaking trees ever.  And it’s no wonder why; not only do these majestic timbers represent life, strength and new beginnings, they also set a magnificent stage for outdoor weddings to shine.

Tree ceremonies are also an incredibly cheap solution for wedding day settings, as well as Mother Nature approved selections!  Once a couple has found their perfect, nuptial knockin’ tree, it’s time for them to start planning the ceremony.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Pick a Tree, Any Tree. Well, not any tree. Many couples luck out and discover leaning trees or trees with an amazing shapes and size, but the most important thing is finding the perfect size and shape for you.  Selecting a massive tree could be just the ticket to leave your guests in open-mouthed marvel; while selecting smaller, spring blooming trees leaves potential for bright-eyed and bushy tailed friends and family.   Be sure to consider the time of day you will be getting hitched, and where the sun will be shining in relation to you and your guests.  Keeping the theme of your wedding in mind, the ceremony tree could be loved up with décor.  Consider these:

  • Nail vintage picture frames to the trunk
  • Hang colorful pomanders or lanterns from the branches
  • Weave streamers in and out of the limbs
  • Dangle chandeliers
  • String thread around the trunk and clothespin photos to it
  • (Property rules permitted, of course) Carve your initials inside a heart for an extra special touch
  • I mean really… the potential is limitless!

Aisle Style. Keeping in line with the outdoor theme, most brides tend to deck the aisle out with very rustic and natural details.  For the aisle floor itself, line the sides or completely cover with a thick bed of flower petals. This is sure to establish a stunning walkway for the bridal party, as well as a diva-riffic backdrop for photos!  For accents, many couples have gotten really creative and dotted the aisle with lanterns, flower pots, hanging bouquets and tree stumps to really emphasize the natural beauty and nostalgic nature of the venue.

Programs! Get Your Programs! To avoid the program graveyard that inevitably happens at the end of any ceremony, make your programs useful.  Hand out the day’s agenda on seeded, plantable paper.  This will seamlessly complement the tree theme of your ceremony and provide a fabulous way for guests to go green.  Another sure-fire way to please guests is to double up your programs as fans, too. This is a marvelous DIY project, and your over-heated guests will thank you.  (Check out our DIY program fan ideas at Marilyn’s Keepsakes.)

Beyond tree themes and décor, these poetic timbers also signify a number of wonderful things such as life, strength, comfort, and good fortune that would make a perfect foundation for your wedding vows.  So, go ahead… go green… and get down with your tree huggin’ self!

Peacock Power: Trending Up Weddings Everywhere

Feather-Wedding-Dress I have three words for this growing trend: Va Va (and) Voom!  If you’re a bride looking for something out of the ordinary, you needn’t look any further than this post… because when it comes to regal style, bold colors and overall ooh la la, nobody (or bird – for that matter) quite compares to the peacock.  Armed with their pizzazz-worthy pallet and exotic looks, peacocks have been pecking their way into the wedding scene for years, and after viewing some of their wedding inspired creations, it’s not hard to see why. 

Everything from bridesmaid dresses to invitation designs have been invaded by our gorgeous, feathered friends.  Just imagine lavish blues, arresting greens, majestic purples and dazzling golds oozing through your wedding day.  Hard to resist, wee?  It could be as easy as sticking peacock feathers in your bridesmaid’s bouquets; having a gold aisle runner; teal tablecloths; purple boutonnieres; the list goes on and on. 

Some brides choose to merely draw on the peacock’s royal color scheme in order to create their one of a kind wedding; while others take a more literal approach and douse everything from hairdos and bridal shoes to centerpieces and accessories with peacock fur.  The choice - as always – would be totally up to you.  

So, whether you choose to have an avant-garde, over the top peacock explosion or one flickered with simple hints and color pops, these fascinating pheasants can inspire as much or as little of the overall aesthetic as you’d like.  Believe you me, when it comes to a peacock themed wedding, the only limitation is your imagination.  Your wedding day is all about you; so, let it reflect your style and fashion.