Wedding Trend Alert: Tie the Knot in Style with Ribbons

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Drape them on your chairs.  Tie them up in trees.  Dangle them from ceilings.  Cinch them in bouquets or simply let them fly free… but no matter what, be sure your big day celebration gets some serious use out of do-it-yourself ribbons!

According to the founder of Style Me Pretty, Abby Larson, “Ribbon details are huge right now.”  She says, “Draped off the back of Chiavari chairs or hanging in a colorful line from a dessert table, ribbon is a cheap and gorgeous way to add that pop of color.”  (  And we couldn’t agree more!

With their cheap cost and whimsical appeal, brides and grooms everywhere are learning just how beautiful ribbon decorating can be!  And because they come with such a punch of DIY status, you’ll really have fun seeing what kind of decor you can come up with next :)

It can be as monumental as canopying the entire ceiling of your reception hall with their silky goodness or as simple as creating small ribbon wands for guests to wave… truly the choice is up to you.  See some inspiration below:  

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