Wedding Invitation Trend: Foil Stamped & Fabulous

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Metallics.  Both classy and flashy, bold golds and sterling silvers are two trendy accessories a bride can count on to never go out of style.  From jewelry and shoes to clothing and headpieces, details dressed in metallic bling take on level of fabulous that simply goes unmatched by most accessorizing counterparts.

And when this stylish sass is added to wedding invitations, brides and grooms the world over are learning just how ahhh(to the)mazing their opening statement can be!  For cereal, I just received one of these metal-stamped musings in the mail this past week, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was WOW’ed when the initial reveal took place.  The foil stamped invites had just the right amount of three dimensional shimmer and truly created an ooh-la-la factor without a lot of fuss.  *Fridge-worthy for sure!

In fact, it was the simplicity of the design itself that caught me by surprise the most.  The actual invitation used to set the background for the foiling was nothing spectacular or out of the norm… just plain, crisp white 80# cardstock.  And yet, the entire look was utterly fab!

It doesn’t take much to give a lot of drama when it comes to metallic-infused invites; so, brides and grooms can go with a very simple, very basic invite – which, plus side news flash! means they start off significantly cheaper than overly ornate versions! – and still get an expensive look with both sophisticated and inviting features.  Not only that, but the metallic look doesn’t have to stop with the typical brassy-colors generally associated with precious metals… you can pretty much foil stamp whatever color your little bride-to-be heart desires!  Yay!

There is one thing, however.  While I can’t deny the DIY nature that most wedding invitations create, I also can’t help but foresee the trouble a do-it-yourself’er may encounter when it comes to foil stamping on their own.  There are several sites – not to mention YouTube videos – dedicated to delivering brides how-to info on foil stamping from home… I can’t really see how this is feasible unless you have an extra $500-$1000 just lying around.  Legit, the pressing machine is nothing short of a pretty penny!

And who wants to spend their money on a foil press machine when there’s a dress and accessories to buy!??  Pfffffttttttttt!

But as far as the trend goes, it’s nothing short of hot! Hot! HOT!  And while buying a foil press machine for your home may not be on your Top 10 wedding needs list, it’s still something that’s totally doable for the professionals and looks absolutely incredible when complete!

AND! even if you’re a bride a dead set on doing your invitations, don’t want to buy a foil press machine but still want the look it creates, try stamping instead!  Custom stampers and metallic looking ink pads are incredibly inexpensive and can still give you that same look for waaayyyy less!

Check out below for some foil stamped inspiration OR go to our simply chic invitations and get started stamping today!

photos courtesy of (top to bottom, left to right),,,,,,,,, and

photos courtesy of (top to bottom, left to right),,,,,,,,, and

Wedding Trend Alert: Comic Book Inspired Invites

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Zap!  Boom!  Whoosh!  Bamf! POW!

That’s right.  As geek chic becomes more and more popular, so do all the nerd-tastic trends it represents!  And brides and grooms everywhere are learning just how fun incorporating these once less desired details into their big day can be!

As a lifetime-achieving, self-proclaimed nerdy bird, I’ve got to admit, I love this… especially when it comes to the comic book themed invitations.  My brothers and I were raised on comic books and continue to little-kid-at-Christmas excited every time the latest Marvel or DC dream is released to the silver screen!

But I’m not naive enough to think that everyone will delight in this trend as much as me.  In fact, I’m sure the more traditional and classic-minded folks out there might even turn up their noses to it… but even the most cynical comic book critics have to admit… they are one of a kind at the very least!  And when done appropriately, turn out pretty amaZING!

Check out below and see what I mean

Designed by Tony Fleecs for Heidi Atocicco and Chris Ryder’s wedding, this 5 page invitation was nothing short of a page turner :)

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Hello Kitty meets Archie Comics for this couple’s ‘happily ever after’ invite :)

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Get super literal with a comic book cover invite, captioned with all the big day details and custom illustrated just for you :)

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Take it even a step further by filling your invitation with graphically inspired inserts and super fun details :)

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Or simply pop in thought bubbles with your favorite photo and BAMF! you’ll have a one of a kind invite like Jay and Anna :)

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No matter how they do it or choose to showcase it, there’s no denying these original invites stand out and leave audiences (err, guests) hoping for the *To Be Continued…

Pretty Postage: How to Save Money on your Wedding Invitations

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According to the Bridal Association of America, the average couple spends a whopping $659 on their wedding invitations and that doesn’t even include the cost of postage!  So, as more and more couples start cutting the fat from their wedding budgets, invites seem to be taking up an unnecessarily large piece of the monetary pie.  And unless you’re willing to take a risk on an empty reception hall, invitations are absolutely essential.  Sure, e-vites are informational, but they lack a sense of formality and tradition.  So, how do you get what you want without paying a pretty penny?  Here’s some advice :)

Paper – Here, you will need to think a little out of the box. Stationary retailers are expensive for the same reason any retailer is more costly: markup.  But if you stick with office suppliers, wholesalers, or any paper-carrying company that offers bulk sizes, you can purchase printable card stock for mere cents.  Always remember that the more folds and detailing on each invite, the more costly the total will be; so stick with basic, flat cards to avoid the extra fees.

Design – This is the part where a couple’s home-made creativity can really shine.  Make sure you have a printer that’s up for the task with plenty of ink.  It may sound intimidating, but a multitude of design templates and programs have popped up recently to provide DIY brides more personalized options when printing at home.  For those of you who still find templates too daunting, there are still many options.  If you’re lacking a design guru friend willing to work for free, consult the web for a vast array of pre-made design templates and make sure the design you choose goes with your wedding theme and colors.

DIY –These details will provide that budget-friendly, je ne sais quoi you’ve been looking for. And by doing-it-yourself, you save the inherent overhead you’d be paying for someone else to do it.  The following invitation extras can run the gamut from basic to extravagant, but here are a few ideas that are popular today:

  • Ribbons:  The most enduring of trends, a classic ribbon tied around the card that complements the themes and hues of the invitations adds a feeling of elegance.  Many brides also punch out two holes near the top, thread the ribbon through, and tie a beautiful bow for a chic touch.

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  • Stamps:  Getting a personalized or monogrammed stamp is an effective and affordable tool when it comes to the paper products of your wedding.  Embellish your invites and RSVP cards and then seal the deal when you adorn the envelope with your customized wedding design.  And get really fancy by creating a melted wax seal and closing your envelopes shut with with a look that’s truly vintage!

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  • Flowers:  If you want your invites to really look fancy without the frivolous cost, add some fresh blooms. Keep in mind that extra weight equals extra postage costs, so keep the flowers minimal.  Try tying a single sprig of baby’s breath into bow on the invitation. For a flatter finish, adorn the invites with pressed flowers; simply use a spray adhesive and press.

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Postage – Mailing costs often seem trivial, but can really add up if you’re not cautious, especially for guest list that seem to scroll on for days!  As mentioned above, keeping the weight of each invitation to an absolute minimum will save you a pretty penny; every extra ounce per envelope will cost you.  With that in mind, send your RSVPs as postcards.  This avoids the extra weight of an excess envelope, and costs less anyway.  Also, avoid square-shaped envelopes or ones that don’t fit within the traditional requirements – they’ll increase postage fees by 50%.

So as long as you plan ahead and avoid excess costs, keep your eyes peeled for great bargains, and put your mind to a little DIY, you’re wedding invitations will look like a million bucks without the hefty price tag.

Greet Your Guests with Gusto: Custom Illustrated Invitations

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After receiving my girlfriend’s wedding invitation (waddd up, Tay!) a couple days ago, I couldn’t help but be inspired by her custom finished, attention-to-detail-and-design creations.  Featuring an architectural Chicago skyline, these well illustrated invites were almost as beautiful as the bride to be… wait a tic, not poss :) 

Now, y’all know me well enough (and if you don’t, how sad for you!  haha!); so, you know that there’s nothing I la-LOUVRE more than when a bride and groom customize their big day celebration with hints of their own unique personalities.  Hence, why I’m currently going Lady GaGa over custom illustrated invitations!

They truly are an INCREDS way to catch and capture the attention of all your intended attendees before the big “I do’s” and also provide an ideal means for the DIY diva bride to really shine.  From graphic designs and structured layouts to vintage comics and modern day masterpieces, there is simply no limit to what your invitations can be! 

So, whether you choose to save some moolah and create your own or really splurge and leave the printing power to a professional, custom illustrated invitations truly are an amazing accent to really get your guests excited!  Here are some of my favorites for your viewing (and mayhaps inspiring) pleasure :)

Inspired by… A Touch of Vintage

Vintage Illustrated Invitations courtesy of Google Images +

Inspired by… The Powerful Peacock

Peacock Illustrated Invitations courtesy of - love them!

Inspired by… Celebrity Caricature Creations

Caricature Illustrated Invitations courtesy of the divas of

Inspired by… Modern Day Mapping

Map Illustrated Invitations courtesy of +

Inspired by… A Pop of Pop Art

Pop Art Illustrated Invitations courtesy of +

Inspired by… Comic Book Culture

Comic Illustrated Invitations courtesy of +

Inspired by… A Return to Retro

Custom Retro Illustrated Invitations courtesy of +

And be sure to check out our full line of Wedding Invitations & Stationery for the perfect, easy to use canvas to create your one of a kind, inviting masterpieces.