A Return to Formality: Serving Sit Down, Plated Dinners after the I Do’s

courtesy of oncewed.com

courtesy of oncewed.com

Alright, ladies and gents, let’s point the pinkies outward and get classy for a moment, shall we?

<sips champagne from her Waterford crystal… and go>

While weddings have always been and will continue to be an affair for every bride and groom to plan as they see fit, there has been a definite resurgence of refinery as of recent years… and the pip pip cheerio of it all has me pleasantly surprised :) Sure, this kind of a sophisticated splendor never really went away, but one way that it’s really made an impact of late is in plated dinners at reception hall feasts.

courtesy of laynecorban.wordpress.com

courtesy of laynecorban.wordpress.com

Talk about decadently delightful :)

During an interview with Bridal Guide, Elizabeth Creasey of an LA based catering company, WHOA, Nelly! stated one of their current, biggest requests from Hollywood A-Listers in reference to these plated feasts is for gold silverware, suggesting a “more sophisticated” affair.  Check out below for some examples of this golden boy appeal :)

courtesy of mylittleapartment.com, unitedwithlove.com and bellethemagazine.com

courtesy of mylittleapartment.com, unitedwithlove.com and bellethemagazine.com

And if adding entree choices to your buffet free meal is an option, might I suggest you consider adding a dish that showcases either yours, his or both your cultural culinary?  This is an extremely popular take for brides and grooms cross all cultures, and it adds an additional touch of sentimentality to an already beautiful occasion.

But if you’re wondering what to offer that will have mouths watering for more, why not try 2013′s go to dish wish: pork!  ‘Tis true, kiddos.  Apparently pork has become the go-to meat for today’s modern wedding settings.  While it is one of the oldest and most commonly consumed meats all over the world, it also has the ability to be transformed into sooo many delicious dishes… so, forks up, porks up!  Ha, I couldn’t resist :)

But no matter what you decide – buffet styled, plated meals, pitch in or otherwise – just be sure you make it your own :)

Wedding Invitation Trend: Foil Stamped & Fabulous

courtesy of elizabethannedesigns.com

courtesy of elizabethannedesigns.com

Metallics.  Both classy and flashy, bold golds and sterling silvers are two trendy accessories a bride can count on to never go out of style.  From jewelry and shoes to clothing and headpieces, details dressed in metallic bling take on level of fabulous that simply goes unmatched by most accessorizing counterparts.

And when this stylish sass is added to wedding invitations, brides and grooms the world over are learning just how ahhh(to the)mazing their opening statement can be!  For cereal, I just received one of these metal-stamped musings in the mail this past week, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was WOW’ed when the initial reveal took place.  The foil stamped invites had just the right amount of three dimensional shimmer and truly created an ooh-la-la factor without a lot of fuss.  *Fridge-worthy for sure!

In fact, it was the simplicity of the design itself that caught me by surprise the most.  The actual invitation used to set the background for the foiling was nothing spectacular or out of the norm… just plain, crisp white 80# cardstock.  And yet, the entire look was utterly fab!

It doesn’t take much to give a lot of drama when it comes to metallic-infused invites; so, brides and grooms can go with a very simple, very basic invite – which, plus side news flash! means they start off significantly cheaper than overly ornate versions! – and still get an expensive look with both sophisticated and inviting features.  Not only that, but the metallic look doesn’t have to stop with the typical brassy-colors generally associated with precious metals… you can pretty much foil stamp whatever color your little bride-to-be heart desires!  Yay!

There is one thing, however.  While I can’t deny the DIY nature that most wedding invitations create, I also can’t help but foresee the trouble a do-it-yourself’er may encounter when it comes to foil stamping on their own.  There are several sites – not to mention YouTube videos – dedicated to delivering brides how-to info on foil stamping from home… I can’t really see how this is feasible unless you have an extra $500-$1000 just lying around.  Legit, the pressing machine is nothing short of a pretty penny!

And who wants to spend their money on a foil press machine when there’s a dress and accessories to buy!??  Pfffffttttttttt!

But as far as the trend goes, it’s nothing short of hot! Hot! HOT!  And while buying a foil press machine for your home may not be on your Top 10 wedding needs list, it’s still something that’s totally doable for the professionals and looks absolutely incredible when complete!

AND! even if you’re a bride a dead set on doing your invitations, don’t want to buy a foil press machine but still want the look it creates, try stamping instead!  Custom stampers and metallic looking ink pads are incredibly inexpensive and can still give you that same look for waaayyyy less!

Check out below for some foil stamped inspiration OR go to our simply chic invitations and get started stamping today!

photos courtesy of (top to bottom, left to right) ohsobeautifulpaper.com, kandievans.com, bellafigura.com, invitationsbyajalon.com, ohsobeautifulpaper.com, cecinewyork.com, swisscottagedesigns.com, invitationsbyajalon.com, orlandomagazine.com, digbyrose.com and invitationcrush.com

photos courtesy of (top to bottom, left to right) ohsobeautifulpaper.com, kandievans.com, bellafigura.com, invitationsbyajalon.com, ohsobeautifulpaper.com, cecinewyork.com, swisscottagedesigns.com, invitationsbyajalon.com, orlandomagazine.com, digbyrose.com and invitationcrush.com

Marryoke: That’s my JAM!

video provided by www.marryokes.com

If you’re a music geek (like me!), chances are you’ve seen a few music videos in your time. Well, how would like it if you could look back on your wedding day, TRL style? Ta-da! Here ya go!

Marryokes (pronounced marry-o-key), a company out of Belfast, Ireland (no worries, they travel everywhere in the world!), have made their name on putting that MTV twist on wedding videography. I know there are a lot of fun loving couples who have filled the web with videos of their musical grooves down the aisle (I still can’t get Chris Brown’s “Forever” out of my head!), but this, my friends, is something completely different! It’s not just the bride, groom, and wedding party that get to throwdown their dance moves, and mad karaoke skills; they get all of your wedding guests in on the act too!

It may kinda seem like it would be a big production at first glance, but Marryokes husband and wife team assures the process is completely painless for every guest, and most importantly, the bride and groom! God knows you don’t need anything else to stress out about (did someone say wardrobe malfunction?).

Now, because I’ve done karaoke before (The Temptations are my fav!) my big question for Marryokes was, “Are there only a few songs that a couple can pick from?” Their response: “No way!” You get to pick, because let’s be honest, who would want to have to lip-synch a song they hate?! They do say you should pick a song you know the words to though, because the truth is we all have friends that “know the words” to songs and mumble their way through the whole thing. You know who you are! :)

With all of the pieces of the Marryokes puzzle pieced together, I think I would have to say this is one of the coolest ways to capture a wedding day I have seen in a second, but like I said, I’m a music nerd! If the music video thing isn’t really your scene, they also do a gorgeous job at giving you a straight forward wedding day video too….but who would want that when you could have this!……

video provided by www.marryokes.com

Oh No He Didn’t: Get Your Wedding Day GangSTAR On!

For serious, I just about DIED when I saw this tickle-me-pink treat this morning!  Sent to me from Ms. T (wad up, Lauren!), via mywedding.com, this one of a kind wedding day detail is just about as unique as they come.  Why? One may ask.  Well, to put it frankly, it’s because it’s about the groom!

All too often when it comes to wedding planning, grooms are rarely (if ever!) mentioned.  Falling to the wayside after the proposal, soon-to-be-hubbies almost always become props in their bride’s wedding day plans.  But the most amazeballs part is how gladly said grooms assume their role in the way, WAY back just to please their queens.  (Sigh)  Whether they don’t really care about the details or they simply care about her too much, I always seem to warm from the inside out at the thought of the notion :)

With that said, however, I also absolutely la-Louvre when a groom takes matters into his own hands (without roughing the bridal waters) and provides his lady with a special surprise, unique to his personality, as well as their love. 

Set up as anniversary present for his wife, Denne, Dan made a “slammin” rap mix for their one year celebration.  With the help of GiftRapped.com, Dan was able to put his lyrics to music and accompany it with photos from their wedding day.  Haha!  Too and much.  Check out below and see what I mean.

My only concern now is… who am I gonna make one of these treats for??  It’s not like you have to have a good voice to rap; you just have to have a voice!  Therefore, it’s something open for all!

Bridal Shower Alternative: Give the Couple a Proper Toasting

courtesy of I Love To Laugh! via facebook.com

Recently, a friend of mine (holler for a dollar, Candice!) had her “bridal shower” here in town, and I couldn’t help but get a kick out of the theme.  Thrown by her mom and aunt, they decided to do a “Wine & Whiskey: Stock the Bar” themed celebration, and I gotta admit… I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

Instead of bringing your typical BB&B / Target / Crate & Barrel / fill-in-the-blank-of-your-fave-registry gift, friends and family were requested to bring their favorite bottle of booze (be it beer, wine or otherwise) and / or their favorite barware accessory to stock the couple’s latest home remodel: their new bar!  Now, before anyone starts calling the authorities for potential abuse, I think it’s important for me to state their case :)

Candice is everything but traditional.  Since moving to Chicago six years ago with her long term beau, they’ve really already built a life together.  Candice is the kind of girl, if she wants a gravy boat – for whatever reason one would want a gravy boat – she’ll buy it.  If she wants to drop everything and take a trip to the Canary Islands next week??  Well then, by golly, she’ll book her plane ticket that day at lunch.

She really is one of a kind, and after already living together for such a significant time anyway, they really did have mostly everything they needed to make their house a home, which generally includes all the appliances, dishware, kitchen accessories, towels etc. that would normally be put on a registry.  Therefore, her mom came up with the brilliant bar themed idea to complement their newest renovation, as well as their love for entertaining!

I mean, how can you not love that??  After attending such a celebration and seeing all the fun, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the fabulousness of such an event… but what’s even more amazing is the practicality of it all too!  Candice and Jared (or her gentleman caller, as C refers to him, haha!) love to entertain!  With the majority of both their families living in Indiana and them posting up shop in the Windy City, they highly encourage their “open door” policy and vow to never turn away a wearisome traveler or friend from their welcoming embrace.  Hence, the theme becomes even more amazing!

Heck, even for the less open / more closed door couples, I still stand by this being a good idea!  While I may have hung up my party hat after an incredible four year stint at IU, there are still the throw back occasions that cause for toasting.  And while I’m country born and bred and will always have a taste for brew-ha-ha, it’d be nice to be able to offer something for the classier pallets that come my way when need be… especially without spending half the grocery budget to do so!  Haha, booze is expensive!

In the end, it’s OBVS up to every individual couple on what will work best for them, but this was one I knew I had to share!

Cheers to C and Jared and many. MANY years of happy toasts!

C+J (courtesy of Candice)

Grown Up Advice from Not So Grown Up Kids

courtesy of weddingringpillows.org

I love kids for a number of reasons. 

  1. They’re fearless.  They haven’t lived long enough to know true heartbreak or ache, making them far braver than any adult counterpart. 
  2. (An extension of one) They love recklessly and unconditionally.  They’re pure spirits, yet untainted by the worries and stress most people know all too well.
  3. They’re hilarious.  Dead sere, no one makes me laugh like my 3 year old nephew and 2 year old niece. In a word, they’re riotous.
  4. But most importantly, they’re honest.  While they learn the difference between what is right and wrong, they still have the innate ability to give responses that both refresh and revive the soul.

And when you combine points 3 and 4, you generally have some severely comical moments.  I recently received an email forward from my crazy Aunt Julie – holla AJ! – and I thought I would share it all with you.  So, so funny!


You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and be sure to keep the chips and dip coming. – Alan, age 10  

-No person really decides before they grow up who they’re going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you’re stuck with. – Mary, age 10 


-Twenty-three is the best age because you’re old and practically known the person FOREVER by then. – Camille, age 10

-Once I’m done with kindergarten, I’m gonna find me a wife. – Bert, age 6 (Who says only older men want to commit?) 

-No age is good enough to get married.  You gotta be a fool to get married. – Isaiah, age 6 (He must not know Bert.) 


-You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids. – Derrick, age 8 (Brilliant!)

-Both don’t want any more kids.  — Lori, age 8


-Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough. – Olivia, age 8 

-On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date. – Martin, age 10 (Seems logical enough – hehe)


-When they’re rich. – Lucy, age 7 (Pam’s my favorite so far – haha!)

 -The law says you have to be eighteen, so I wouldn’t want to mess with that. – Curt, age 7

-The rule goes like this: If you kiss someone, then you should marry them and have kids with them. It’s the right thing to do. – Howard, age 8 (And who said chivalry was dead?  Look at Howie here… so incredibly noble!)


-It’s better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone to clean up after them. – Anita, age 9 (bless you child )


-There sure would be a lot of kids to explain, wouldn’t there? – Kelvin, age 8 (Sooo cute!) 

But the best answer by FAR…


-Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a dump truck. – Oscar, age 7 (Haha!  Amazeballs!)

Wedding Trend Alert: Comic Book Inspired Invites

designed by Tony Fleecs, courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Zap!  Boom!  Whoosh!  Bamf! POW!

That’s right.  As geek chic becomes more and more popular, so do all the nerd-tastic trends it represents!  And brides and grooms everywhere are learning just how fun incorporating these once less desired details into their big day can be!

As a lifetime-achieving, self-proclaimed nerdy bird, I’ve got to admit, I love this… especially when it comes to the comic book themed invitations.  My brothers and I were raised on comic books and continue to little-kid-at-Christmas excited every time the latest Marvel or DC dream is released to the silver screen!

But I’m not naive enough to think that everyone will delight in this trend as much as me.  In fact, I’m sure the more traditional and classic-minded folks out there might even turn up their noses to it… but even the most cynical comic book critics have to admit… they are one of a kind at the very least!  And when done appropriately, turn out pretty amaZING!

Check out below and see what I mean

Designed by Tony Fleecs for Heidi Atocicco and Chris Ryder’s wedding, this 5 page invitation was nothing short of a page turner :)

courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Hello Kitty meets Archie Comics for this couple’s ‘happily ever after’ invite :)

courtesy of canvasandcanopy.com

Get super literal with a comic book cover invite, captioned with all the big day details and custom illustrated just for you :)

courtesy of emmalinebride.com (left) and stormwolfstudios.com

Take it even a step further by filling your invitation with graphically inspired inserts and super fun details :)

courtesy of nandlnotes.com

Or simply pop in thought bubbles with your favorite photo and BAMF! you’ll have a one of a kind invite like Jay and Anna :)

courtesy of minted.com

No matter how they do it or choose to showcase it, there’s no denying these original invites stand out and leave audiences (err, guests) hoping for the *To Be Continued…

Winter Wonderland Weddings with Snowflake & Icicle Inspired Décor

courtesy of michellewellsphotography.ca

There is just something so magical about winter weddings.  The crisp weather.  The sparkly icicles.  The slow falling snow.  The dazzling night skies.  It’s a perfect setting for romance, snuggling up and dancing the night away with the one you love the most.

And after looking through several of these Frosty the Snowman inspired designs – featuring intricate lighting, crystallized ice sculptures and baby’s breath centerpieces – it’s super hard for me to believe that Old Man Winter remains the least popular season to say ‘I do.’

Below are some of my favorite wintry wonders.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

A dash of twinkling baby’s breath can make all the difference.

courtesy of myweddecorations.blogspot.com

Sprinkle in snowflake lighting to really make ‘em ooh and ahh.

courtesy of eyedialogue.com

Drizzle your decor with draped crystals and create the look of poshly lit icicles.

courtesy of foreverphotographystudio.com

Sculpt an impeccable setting with ice, mini floras and fur (yes fur!!)

courtesy of bellzandwhistlezblog.blogspot

Cover up with a chic cardigan and take your gown to celebrity status.

courtesy of dressestutor.com

Or for the super sassy, try a frisky fur wrap!

courtesy of ungovernableungraceful0211.blogspot.com and Oscar de la Renta via weddinginspirasi.com

Make your cake top pop with Old Man Winter’s prettiest creations.

courtesy of thecakeblog.com

Surround your guest with chilling-inspired love from floor to ceiling — this is by FAR my fave!!!

courtesy of myweddecorations.blogspot.com (top and bottom) and brendasweddingblog.com (center)


Let Your Guests Keep on Truckin’ with Late Night Meals on Wheels

courtesy of coutureclosetboutique.com

These days, a wedding isn’t just a brief moment in time… it’s a monumental event for the ages!  In fact, I’m often reminded of a quote from Wedding Date - the 2005 film starring Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney (dream!) - when I think of just how epic some weddings have become.  Shortly after Kat Ellis (Messing) arrives in London for her sister’s wedding, her mom (played by Holland Taylor) informs Kat that:

“This is a marathon, not a sprint.  We’ve got welcome cocktails today.  Then, tomorrow’s Young People in the Park and Stags and Hens.  Friday’s the picnic, then the rehearsal dinner, and since you left you no margin for jet lag, I need you to hydrate.” 

Of course not everyone goes that over the top when planning their big day, but that doesn’t mean their day feels anything less than a marathon.  From sun up to sun down, a bride, her groom and everyone else in between have a lot of ground to cover… and while some might say the key to duration is hydration… others are more lenient towards sustenance of the chewable variety.

And in big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, grub is precisely what they get!  These big time metro poles are famous for their food truck industries, which they are becoming all the rage in wedding day agendas!  In LA, for instance, mobile grub doesn’t get much bigger than In-N-Out Burger, which has been providing years worth of service to brides and grooms looking to keep their guests full and focused well into the night.

It’s also a great way to talk to guests you may have missed!  One bride (pictured below) used In-N-Out Burger at her reception and said, “We didn’t do a receiving line at the reception, but while everyone was lined up to order their food my husband and I went down the line and greeted everyone while they waited.  It worked out really well and helped fill the time that people were just standing around.”

courtesy of weddingbee.com

Love love love.  Of course, there are so many other ways to keep on truckin’ even if there are no trucks.

At my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding a couple years ago, there was a break between the ceremony and reception for the bridal party to get pictures; so, while everyone else was enjoying a wide assortment of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, the bridal party was schlepping through a park trying to capture the perfect shot.  Matt and Jess (the SIL and BIL) didn’t want their favorite people to suffer however and provided all of us with White Castle burgers and fries to go, as a tied-me-over ’til dinner.

You might also consider:

  • Food Carts
  • Hot Dog Stands
  • Popcorn Machines
  • Goody Bags
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
  • Late Night Pizza Delivery
  • Midnight Snacks
  • Homemade Treats

Golden Hollywood Marriages: Celebrity ‘I do’s’ that Lasted 50+ Years

Paul Newman and his bride, Joanne Woodward were married over 50 years, until his death in 2008. (photos courtesy of people.com)

Okay, I have to admit it, when it comes to Hollywood marriages, I – like the rest of the general public – can be pretty skeptical.  I figure this has something to do with the media’s spin on most marriages, and the fact that you generally don’t hear about a Hollywood hook-up until it’s on the rocks.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that so many of us are skewed so easily.

However, after running across the Wikipedia article featuring Hollywood Marriages that stood the test of time, my skeptical spirit was uplifted, and I was given a whole list of reasons to believe in the power of “I do.”  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s December 1 and my holiday spirit is in full throttle or maybe it’s because I simply love love so much… either way, but I couldn’t help by get all kinds of Christmas cheer after seeing this list of long time lovers — warmed me from the inside out :)

  • Norman Lloyd and Peggy Lloyd, 75 years, married June 26, 1936, to her death on August 30, 2011.
  • Art Linkletter and Lois Foester, 74.5 years, married November 26 1935 to his death on May 26, 2010.
  • Charles Lane and Ruth Covell Lane, 71 years, married from April 12 1931 until her death on November 30, 2002.
  • Karl Malden and his wife Mona were married from December 18 1938 to his death on July 1, 2009.
  • Sherwood Schwartz and Mildred Seidman (23 December 1941 – 12 July 2011)
  • Bob Hope and Dolores DeFina Hope, 69 years, married from 19 February 1934 until his death on 27 July 2003. It was his second marriage, his first being brief.

    Bob + Dolores = True Love (photos courtesy of gossiprocks.com and film.guardian.co.uk)

  • Bruce Bennett and Jeannette C. Braddock, 67 years, married from January 21 1933 until her death on June 30 2000.
  • Sid Caesar and Florence Levy, 67 years, married in July 1943.
  • Jane Wyatt and Edgar Bethune Ward, 1 day short of 65 years, married from November 9 1935 until his death on November 8 2000.
  • Carl Reiner and Estelle Reiner, nearly 65 years, from December 24 1943 to her death on October 25, 2008.
  • Charlton Heston and Lydia Clarke, 64 years, from March 17 1944 to his death on April 5, 2008.

    Charlton and Lydia sitting in a tree... K.I.S.S.I.N.G! (photos courtesy of old.gretnatheatre.com and newsimg.bbc.co.uk)

  • James Cagney and Frances Vernon, 64 years.
  • Ricardo Montalbán and Georgiana Young, 63 years from 1944 to her death in 2007.
  • Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson. 62 years, married since March 5, 1948.

    Eli and Anne, 62 years and going strong! (photos courtesy of life.com and movies.yahoo.com)

  • Robert Young and Betty Henderson, 61 years from 1933 to 1994.
  • Fred Zinnemann and Renee Bartlett, 61 years from 1936 to 1997.
  • Jack Paar and Miriam Wagner, a little over 60 years. He had been married and divorced to an Irene twice before marrying Miriam.
  • Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse, 60 years. Although it was a second marriage for both.

    Tony and Cyd proved second time's a charm! (photos courtesy of imdb.com and news.xinhuanet.com)

  • Jonathan Winters and Eileen Schauder, 60 years from 1948 to her death on January 11, 2009.
  • Eva Marie Saint and Jeffrey Hayden, as the article says they married in 1951.
  • Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Simpson Bridges, nearly 60 years from 1938 to his death in 1998.
  • Henny Youngman and Sadie Cohen Youngman, 58 years to her death in 1987.
  • Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, from 1948 to 2005. Second-marriage for her.

    Ossie and Ruby had the right stuff! (photos courtesy of community.livejournal.com and upi.com)

  • Patrick McGoohan and Joan Drummond, 57 years from 1951 to 2009.
  • Robert Mitchum and Dorothy Spence, 57 years, from 1940 to his death in 1997.
  • Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara have been married since 1954.

    Jerry and Anne prove a sense of humor can go a long way! (photos courtesy of jaydeanhcr.wordpress.com and movies.yahoo.com)

  • Mel Blanc and Estelle Rosenbaum were married from 1933 to 1989.
  • Bud Abbott and Betty Smith were married for 55 years from 1918 to 1974.
  • Danny Thomas and Rose Marie Cassaniti Thomas, from 1936 to his death in 1991.
  • Alfred Hitchcock and Alma Reville were married from 1926 to 1980. Although British, Hitchcock became a naturalized citizen and died in Los Angeles.
  • Anita Page and Lieutenant Herschel A. House were married from 1937 to 1991. She had a brief earlier marriage to Nacio Herb Brown that was annulled due to his divorce not being final.
  • James Garner and Lois Clarke have been married over 54 years, since August 17, 1956.

    JG + LC + True Love! (photos courtesy of people.com and upi.com)

  • Arthur Penn and Peggy Maurer were married from 1955 or 1956 to his death in 2010.
  • Angela Lansbury and Peter Shaw were married from 1949 to his death in 2003.

    Angela and Peter, 'til death did them part. (photos courtesy of silverscreenoasis.com and life.com)

  • Frank Capra and Lucille “Lu” Capra were married from 1932 to 1984. It was his second marriage as he had been married to Helen Howell in the 1920s.
  • Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn, married from 1942 to 1994. It was a second marriage for both.
  • Roy E. Disney was married to Patricia Ann Dailey from 1955 to 2007, but the marriage ended in a “collaborative divorce.”
  • Rance Howard and Jean Speegle Howard, 51 years from 1949 to her death in 2000.
  • Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, 51 years from 1947 to 1998.

    Roy and Dale said yee-haw to marriage for over 50 years! (photos courtesy of posters.ws and sunsethills.cc)

  • Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, 1958 to his death in 2008. It was a second marriage for him.

**All from Wikipedia, Hollywood marriages.