Once Upon a Time Weddings: The Princess Bride is Back!

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And no, I’m not referencing one of my favorite movies ever!  I’m talking about princess styled brides – duh!  And not only are they back, but they are completely redefined!

No longer are the princess brides of too much tulle and over the top headpieces – yes, I’m talking about you Celine Dion…

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& you, crazy inflatable Barbie with too much… everything!  I mean, really?  Who let you say yes to the mess… I mean dress :)

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Now are the days of the redefined princess bride.  One that can be found in a more figure flattering, curve hugging gown, statement-worthy headwear and vintage jewels.  Think long fishtail-styled trains, tastefully modified tiaras (yes, tiaras!) and cathedral length veils.   Consider turning in that old Cinderella ball gown for a body skimming dress bedecked in all things that dazzle. 

And while the glass slippers may also have to go, the fairytale *twinkle* can stay!  Let the sparkles dance throughout the entire ensemble by adding in sequin and crystal bling to all your big day details.  Imagine everything from your dress and bouquet to the centerpieces and cake sprinkled in pixie dust!  It’ll be avant garde glitter at its best!  As long as the fairy tale wedding is done right – avoiding all things Exhibit A and B ^^ encompass - I’d say you’re well tuned for one of the happiest happily ever afters ever!  See below and start wishing…

Arm yourself with frocked in layers and chandelier earrings and see how ooh your la la can be!

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Modernize the traditional tiara and show how fab regal can be!

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Wow ‘em at the wedding with a cathedral length veil and round it up for the reception… it’s a win / win for princesses everywhere!

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Fairy Tale Brides Always Get their ‘Happily Ever After’

Alfred Angelo has done it, my friends.  He’s created a line of fairy tale, dream-come-true dresses perfect for the princess bride in all of us, and there’s nothing (and I do mean NOTHING!) that I love more about this than that each one is modeled after one of the grandest princesses of them all… a Disney Princess!  Whoop, whoop!

Not only are the dresses too cute to boot, but each one is reasonably priced (under $1,399) and available in a size to fit any princesses’ frame (0 to 30W). 

So, without further adieu (and in no particular order of ahhhmazing), I give thee, Alfred Angelo’s Line of Disney Dresses

ArielNot even ten leagues Under the Sea could this dress’ beauty be hidden from view!


Jasmine.  Open the crowd’s eyes to A Whole New World.


Aurora.  You’ll never want to Sleep in the Beauty!


TianaYou may have Kissed a lot of Frogs to get to your Prince… but in this dress, who even cares??


CinderellaNot even a Glass Slipper or room full of ladies in waiting can outshine you!


BelleCaptivate the hearts of even the most Beastly men on the day you say “I do.”


Snow WhiteWicked Queens and Poisoned Apples beware… there’s a princess ready to party!

Wish Upon a Wedding: The Fairy Godmother of Wedding Organizations

Because everyone deserves a happy ending...

When a co-worker forwarded me an email titled “Announcing America’s ONLY Wedding Wish Granting Organization,” my immediate thoughts went straight to “DE-LIGHT!”  Even before I opened the email and read the press release in its entirety, I knew there had to be something magical in store… and magic, my dear friends, is exactly what I found.

 Wish Upon a Wedding is a brand new (for real – their launch party was yesterday 1.28.2010) nonprofit organization whose intentions and goals are nothing short of extraordinary.  As America’s only wedding wish granting organization, Wish Upon a Wedding  fully intends to “produce weddings and civil union ceremonies at destinations across the United States for individuals facing terminal illness.”  If that doesn’t have *tear* written all over it, I don’t know what does.

After perusing through their Web site, I came across something that moved me.  Because I consider myself an eternal, hope-FULL romantic, I’m always looking for optimistic news, which seems to be few and far between these days.  Hence why fairytale-come-true stories are always topping my list.  As a self proclaimed cheerleader of love, there’s nothing that warms my heart more than seeing just how far a little love can be spread. 

By celebrating the courage and spirit of these couples, it is our hope that others facing similar situations will find hope, strength, and the promise of eternal love.  (wishuponawedding.org)

 This is truly inspirational, which is why I encourage you all to read Florence’s storyWish Upon a Wedding’s first recipient winner and see what you can do to help!  Speaking from experience, proclaiming my love to my Mister - in front of all our family and friends – has hands down been the most beautiful moment of my life.  So, anyone or organization whose soul intention is built around helping others, especially those as deserving as Florence, achieve this goal are gold star worthy in my book and merit all the help they can get!

So thank you, Wish Upon a Wedding, for bringing the *Bibbidi, the *Bobbidi and the *Boo to those who merit it most!  And cheers to everyone who’ll get their “happily ever after…”

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