Summertime & the Living is Easy with HAWT Wedding Photography

It’s June 21, and for those of you who don’t know, today marks the official first day of summer!  Woot, woot!  That’s right.  After a long, cold winter and super rainy spring, it’s time for “livin to be easy!”

And what better way to celebrate it than with gorgeous wedding photography that captures it and all its happiness?  Below are some of the happiest; so, check ‘em out and ENJOY!

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Even though You Got a Place to Go: Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

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They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck.  It’s said to be a sign of cleansing, growth and prosperity for the bride and groom; so, I figure that SNOW – which is waaaay cooler and stays much longer - has to be doubly as good, right?  I knew it :)

Well, even if it’s not, one thing is for sure… it makes for some in-cred-i-ble wedding pictures!  And in lieu of the holiday spirit (and the fact that it was the first day for snow in Indiana – whoop whoop!), not only am I dreaming of a White Christmas, but I can’t help but to also dream of sugar plum weddings as well!

Wedding pictures in the snow – for the brides bold enough to bear the cold – really do capture a sense of magic.  I mean, who remembers Phoebe Buffay’s wedding to good ‘ole Mike Hannigan on Friends???  Snooowww romantic!!!  (Pun intended, haha!)  Many pictures look like the pages of a fairy tale, and it’s no wonder… surrounded by crisp white and twinkling ice, any girl would look all kinds of ahhhhmazing!

Just look at these bad boys (and girls, duh!)! 

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Haha! (photo courtesy of

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Mr. DeMille Wants to Know: Are You Ready for Your Wedding Close-Up?

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While weddings take months to plan, it feels like the actual day itself can go by in an instant.  Making the following analogy ideal… Planning a wedding is to the actual day as Michael Phelps’ training is to the Olympics. 

Phelps trained day in and day out for years in order to jump in the pool, swim less than a minute and take home the gold… 8 times.  It’s madness, I tell you!  Complete madness!

And while your wedding day might not garner you the same fame as eight Olympic gold medals did Sir Phelps, it’s still one you’ll hopefully want to remember forever.  But how do you remember something forever when it’s done in a flash?

In pictures, of course!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a schmillion times… Your wedding photos are hands down some of the most important – if not the most important – keepsake you’ll have from your day.  So, it’s important to make them count!

Recently, put out a list of the 50 (New!) Must Have Wedding Photos for Your Album, and I’m dying to know what you think (or what you would add!)!  While I consider several of the items to be a bit of “Pete and Repeat” and slightly unorganized, I do think it’s crucial to get as many ideas as possible; hence why i even put a few more of my personal suggestions at the end as well!  Whoop, whoop!  So, without further adieu, here they are (with a couple examples from our big day courtesy of the ahhhhmazing Jessika and Jimmy Feltz!!):

1.  A Really Good Kissing Shot

2.  The Guys Getting Ready (see also #21, #41, #43 and #50)

Ohhh to be a dude on the wedding day. (photo courtesy of

3.  Your Bouquet (see also #10, #14 and #49)

4.  The Reception Tables

5.  Your Shoes (see also #25)

Granted, this is merely the heel of my shoes... but I love this shot! (photo courtesy of

6.  You — In Action

7.  Your Favors

8.  Your Wedding Party Kids – Junior Brides, Ring Bearers, Flower Girls, etc.

Haha! Yessss! (photo courtesy of

9.  The Wedding Cake

10.  Bridesmaid’s Bouquets (see also #3, #14 and #49)

11.  The Ceremony — Pulled Back

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church (photo courtesy of

12.  Your Dress

13.  Your Hairstyle

14.  His Boutonniere (see also #3, #10 and #49)

15.  Candid Shots of Your Bridesmaids

Love love love these ladies! (photos courtesy of

16.  The Ceremony — From a New Angle

17.  Your Wedding Party –Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ushers, Miniature Attendents, etc.

18.  Your Guests

Might I suggest doing a Photo Booth? The pics WILL be epic. (photo courtesy of

19.  The Scene (see also #32)

20.  The Reception — Pulled Back

21.  Getting Ready with Your Mom (see also #2, #41, #43 and #50)

22. A “New Angle” Photo (see also #46)

23.  The Ceremony Details

Part of the Four String Quartet (photo courtesy of

24.  Your Jewelry

25.  His Shoes (see also #5)

26.  A Sign of the Times Shot — Twitter, iPad, Facebook, etc.

27.  Your First Dance

28.  A Posed & Composed Couple’s Shot

From our editorial / aeroplane shoot :) (photo courtesy of

29.  The Escort Cards

30.  A First Look Photo

31.  A Silhouette Shot

Feel free to include the groom too, hehe! (photos courtesy of

32.  A Scene Setter (see also #19)

33.  A “Magic Hour” Photo — reference term of photographers for right before sunset or right after sunrise when the light is best

34.  The Wedding Dog

35.  The Little Odds & Ends

One of our reception decorations standing proud. (photo courtesy of

36.  The Getaway Car

37.  A Dramatic Couple’s Shot

Again, from our editorial / aeroplane shoot! (photo courtesy of

38.  A Funky Backdrop Couple’s Shot

39.  A Movie-esque Old Hollywood Shot — Black & White

40.  The Lighting

From inside one one of the trees :) (photo courtesy of

41.  Your Bridesmaids Before the Ceremony (see also #2, #21, #43 and #50)

Grouped together outside the church! (photo courtesy of

42.  You and Your Dad

43.  Getting Ready Photo of You (see also #2, #21, #41 and #50)

44.  A Before the Ceremony Toast

45.  Your Glamour Shot

46.  An Artistic Angled Shot (see also #22)

47.  A Stolen Moment Away

Just the two of us! (photos courtesy of

48.  Your Fashion Shot

Hiiiiiiiiit it! (photo courtesy of

49.  The Boutonnieres (see also #1, #10 and #14)

50.  A Before the Ceremony Shot (see also any # that becomes before the ceremony, hehe!)

I would also like to offer few more shots you could benefit from… ’cause goodness KNOWS I did!

  • Cake Cutting
  • Other “Special” Dances (ie. father/daughter, mother/son etc.)
  • Speeches & Toasts
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Garter Toss
  • The FOOD!  (Dead sere, these were some of my faves!)
  • Bridal Exit from Church
  • Wedding Party Entrance to Reception
  • Grandparents
  • Guest Book

Let Their Mistakes Be Your Lessons Learned: brought to you by

Thanks, mom and dad, for all your continued, loyal support!... wait. what? (photo courtesy of

Like any good blog stalker, this pretty little lady has her FAVES saved for go-to good reads.  It truly is one of my life’s truest joys to not only read what people are writing about but also, to see how and even why they’re writing about them.  While I have a tendency to lean (almost too) generously towards wedding blogs the world over, I can’t help but stray from time to time when a true gem rears its fabulous face onto my screen.

One such gem, you may wonder??  Well, that would be

While it’s generally one of my most golden rules not to bully (aka. put others down to bring myself up), I can’t help but point out the majority of treats being posted on this site (and now BLASTED on ours) have been and continue to be submitted by the “stars” themselves.  So, they really only have themselves – and the photographic genius behind the lens – to blame.

So, without further adieu, may I present to you SEVERAL rules you should consider, and photographic evidence of why it’s so important :)

Rule #1.  Firstly, make sure you pick a wedding photographer who’s got the goods – shout out to Jessika & Jimmy Feltz who have the BEST goods ever! – otherwise, you run the risk of what this bride calls her uncle’s (yes uncle!) lack of “professionalism.”  Poor, potty mouth bride!

Just what every bride wants... a pic with a Port-O-John! (photo courtesy of

Rule #2.  Don’t give me no lies, and (tell them to!) keep their hands to themselves!  Nothing ruins a good photo quite like uncomfortable groping from the peanut gallery.  I mean, photo op #1 is awkward enough with the painful parent poking, but photo op #2??  Somebody needs to tell sister friend in the corner to ease off… he’s taken for sobbin’ out loud! 

Mom, PLEASE! (photo courtesy of

Some bridesmaids simply have no boundaries (photo courtesy of

Rule #3.  If you doubt it, don’t show it.  And if you show it, perhaps it’s best to not do it.  It appears that no one, and I truly mean NO ONE, is comfortable with these marriages becoming offish… brides, grooms, family members, even officiants.  Mayhaps, things should’ve been thought through more thoroughly before the big plunge.

Can't you tell everyone agrees that it's a "nice day for a... white wedding!" (photo courtesy of

Wow. You know it's a good ceremony when even the priest objects. (photo courtesy of

Rule #4.  BEWARE OF BEWILDERING BACKGROUNDS.  Some of these I honestly have no other words for other than… whhhhyyyy?

You've heard of "Four Weddings & a Funeral" but what about having YOUR wedding and a funeral? (photo courtesy of

The sentiment is there - sure - but we can't get passed the poor guy gettin' butt grabbed from a distance. (photo courtesy of

I blame the bride mostly for her bridesmaids blending into the decor. For the record, there is such a thing as TOO matchy / matchy. (photo courtesy of

Rule #5.  Finally, don’t fall victim to vicious photo editing!  As stanted in Rule #1, choose your photographers wisely or you may end up with these tripped out treats.  Granted, the photos are dated several years, but the rule remains as modern day as ever…

Why's the groom snarling at me? Better yet, why are they both floating above the entire ceremony? Wizard wedding? (photo courtesy of

'Cause you were always on my miiiiiiiiiind! This trippy photo is CREEPED to the max! (photo courtesy of