Give the Gift of Green: Earth-Friendly Wedding Favors

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With everyone going green these days, it was only a matter of time before weddings would catch the earth friendly fever.  And why not??  We’re all raised under the respectful manner to “love our mothers;” so, why should Mother Nature be any different?

One area to really show your “Mother” loving ability is found within the confines of the biggest expense in your wedding budget: the reception.  While some couples are opting to budget crunch out favors for the guests, others are simply choosing to keep costs minimal.

Both smart and stylish, eco-friendly favors are the latest and greatest gifts to hit the wedding market.  When deciding which favor will be friendliest, keep three R’s in mind: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, and incorporate them accordingly.  Below are some ideas on how to keep Mother Nature pleased during your planning:

  • Trees, Please: Who says Arbor Day is the only day to hug a tree and save a life?  Planting trees throughout the year is a great way to honor your guests, while making an everlasting impression of your love for the environment… think of them as symbolic saplings, if you will.  As the years progress, trees become greater in size and rooted in strength – just as you and your Mister will!  (Awwww!)
  • Potted Centerpieces: Perfect for all the do-it-yourself brides out there, these powerful potted plants serve a dual, ovation worthy purpose.  Not only do they make fabulous, eye-catching centerpieces during your big day, but you can invite your guests to take them home and replant them their gardens.  AND, if you stick to perennial flowers, your guests will delight in seeing them come back year after year :)
  • Dandy Donations: It truly is in giving that we receive, which is why making a donation to your favorite charity in honor of your guests is an ideal way to help out Mother Nature, while helping others.  A perfect example of a gift that keeps on giving, donations – no matter how big or small – help make a difference!  Not to mention, with the ease of a donations, there will be no excess wrapping paper or trash!  Now, that’s a “hooray” I can really get behind!
  • Shop Locally: Consider reducing your carbon footprint by shopping close to home.  Driving long distances or having things shipped separately or from long distances can only add to the problem; so, be a part of the solution, instead, by looking online for the best deals in your area and taking advantage. 

In the end, every little bit counts; so, why not do the eco-chic thing and be a bride who goes green?  And feel free to check out our line of Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors and give the earth a hug today!