Personalized with Love: Adding Sentiment to your Wedding Dress

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While we’ve discussed how you can create a custom look on your wedding day with the article DIY Divine: 5 Ways to Personalized Your Wedding Dress, we haven’t talked about the importance of your dress’ sentimentality! 

I mean, helloooo?!!?  It’s a wedding, people!  It’s all about sentiment!

Which, as sad as I am to use this reference, I was reminded of by Kim Kardashian (dun dun dun) on her 2 day / 4 hour E! wedding special.  On the days leading up to her wedding, Kim was shown rummaging through her late father Robert Kardashian’s old button down shirts.  She wanted to find one that she remembered, in order to incorporate it into both her wedding gowns. 

Once the shirt was chosen, she had two heart-shaped panels cut out of and sewn onto the left sides of both of her custom made Vera Wang dresses.  Because her dad couldn’t be there physically, this was her way to keep his presence and memory alive during the celebration… and while the marriage may have died 72 days later, the idea of sewing sentiment into your wedding dress has lived on! 

Thanks to Pinterest, my beautiful co-worker, Jessi and a Google Image search, I was able to gather some pictures of how real life brides are taking on this filled with feelings challenge and including it on their big day through…

Custom Labels.  Whether you choose to use your name, monogram or simply represent the date, custom labels and patches can be created and sewn under the bodice on the inside of the dress for an extra special touch of love.

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Custom Patches. For the riskier bride hoping to make a statement and /or really capture a memory, you may try sewing on a meaningful patch of fabric or a symbolic panel or shape directly onto the dress itself.

photos courtesy of (clockwise from top left),, and

Custom Hangers.  If the thought of sewing something permanent into your dress gives you the bridal gasps… might I suggest doing a fun personalized hanger?  Not only do they look great and make for amazing photography shots, but they are also non-damaging to your dress!  Boo and Yeah!

all photos found on via (from top to bottom, left to right) Stephanie Holland, Jessi, Victoria, Chloé Plénet and Jessica Elizabeth

Personalized with Love: Adding Sentiment to your Wedding Dress
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