Sapphire Engagement Rings: To Trend or Not to Trend in 2012?

The royal engagement ring, first shown on Diana with Prince Charles, then on Kate with Prince William. (courtesy of

Alright, Kate Middleton, you win… again.  According to recent findings, sapphire engagement rings are becoming all the rage in 2012, and while diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend — a sapphire makes for an awfully close second and not mention, one heck of a ‘something blue.’

Penelope Cruz showing of her sapphire bling. (courtesy of

Due to their conflict free, less pricey existence, as well as their Princess, Duchess and Penelope Cruz support staff, these true blue ‘Will you marry me?” details have wedding trend watchers on high alert and with good reason.

They can be found just about anywhere — from eBay and Overstock to antique jewelers, department stores and more; many collections of sapphire stocked engagement rings are popping up all over the grid and it’s no wonder why.

While mainly known for their brilliant blues, sapphires also have a wide range of colors, varying in shades of pink, yellow, white and even green, but it’s not necessarily their colorful personality that has brides’ heads turning… it’s their beautiful meaning.

According to Gemstone Gifts, Sapphires are symbolic of sincerity, faithfulness and truth, and what is more perfect than those three things to accompany you on your marital journey?? 

But no matter what rock you choose, just be sure it’s backed by the right man ;)