Trend Alert: The Little Black Dress Wins Again

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After co-worker (what it do, Jessi!) forwarded me on an email this morning, I knew I couldn’t pass up posting its brilliant notion to the masses. 

Black is BACK, and it’s in your wedding!  Not that black was ever was gone, of course, but this season, it’s taking the wedding market by storm… and in new, uber cute ways.  Mayhaps the biggest way is through the bridal gown.  Sure, anyone can accent their wedding day with the tuxedo colored canvas, but what about doing your whole dress in it???

You heard me.

The bridal gown – perhaps the epitome of a little girl’s wedding day dreams – has always been the epicenter for wedding plans.  When that big day rolls around, it legitimately is all about the dress.  And with brides taking on all kinds of trends in order to better suit them, it was only a matter of time before the standard ‘little black dress’ became the I-gotta-have-it-can’t-live-without-it bridal gown blowout!  Just check out these incredible creations from

photos courtesy of from vendors (left to right, top to bottom) LOVEKARLAK, CoralieBeatrix, Chabri (inset), hollystalder, CobarCollection, hollystalder and herlbd

But if tradition still tugs at your heart strings and you can’t bear to wear a dress made entirely of black… why not try accenting it with a fabulous sash and still get your kick of ooh la la!

photos courtesy of from vendors (left to right, top to bottom) elitewomen, SammysBridalShop, finkshop, VenustBridal, VenustBridal, BridalShoppe, SomethingIvory, BCGirls and icing101