Tips from Marilyn: Take Advantage of the Holidays in Planning your Big Day

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Who doesn’t love the holidays?  The gathering of family and friends.  The music.  The food.  The fun.  The laughter.  The extra time off work (wink, wink).  ‘Tis true, my friends.  The holiday season really is “the most wonderful time of the year!” 

Therefore, I would like to encourage all my lovely ladies in waiting to use this time of year to rev their wedding planning engines into warp speed.  Take advantage of all the small pleasures the holidays bring and use them to start checking things off… after all, Santa’s not the only one making a list and checking it twice… you are too!

So, before things get too crazy, consider using some of the following tactics to make the most of your season’s greetings:

  • Because the holidays create a time to gather all your loved ones in one area, you can easily get and share advice with other / former brides-to-be.  Ask family and friends for their top do’s and don’ts; so, you know what to look for and what to avoid.
  • If you find yourself hosting a party, take this time to test out potential caterers, florists, bakers, etc.  It’s an ideal time to “try out” who will have what it takes to impress all your guests!
  • Since many people vacation during holidays, get with your bridesmaids and go dress shopping.  Not only will they provide an honest reaction to your wedding gown options, but you can also start to see what bridesmaids’ dress styles will work for them.
  • Take time to practice wedding day hair and makeup.  Whether you’re doing it yourself or getting it done, chances are it’s going to be something fancier than usual; so, what better way to show off a fabulous look than when surrounded by family and friends?
  • Even benefit from bad weather.  After the holiday shopping rush is over and snow is still on the ground, people tend to snuggle up and stay in.  I say, “Get out!”  Go exploring for interesting ceremony and reception sites, and don’t be afraid to try something new… it just might end up being your ideal location.
  • On a tight budget?  No problem!  There are innumerable post holiday sales that you can gobble up, which will surely help you get the most bang for your buck!
  • If anything, use the holiday season to get organized.  If you’re sending out holiday cards, you’ll more than likely have a list or people and addresses that you’ll need for invitations.  Keep this list handy and be one more step ahead of the game! 

 Thanks for stopping by and cheers to many, MANY years of happiness!

Gobble ’til You Wobble with these Thanksgiving Savings

Haven’t you heard about the bird? I said a bird, Bird, BIRD!  BIRD is the word!

It’s that time of year again… to give thanks for all we appreciate!  And here, at Marilyn’s Keepsakes, there’s nothing we appreciate more than you — our fabulous fans and loyal customers! 

So, in order to say thanks properly, we’d like to send the savings on to you with an exclusive $25 coupon!  Whoop, whoop!

Thanks for all your support and have a blessed and WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

Wedding Trend Alert: Table Runners to Love!

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Maybe it’s the brilliant designs or the standout color blocking… perhaps it’s the fun, graphic schemes or simply the epically b.e.a.uuuuutiful photography (whaddya say, Lindsey K!)… either way, there is no if’s, and’s or but’s about it… I love love love our new table runner designs!!

Available in a variety of colors and designs to match any taste, each runner can be personalized at absolutely no cost to you!  Simply choose from one of our hot color options, fill in the overhang with your names, monogram or initials and see how many ‘ooh’s and aww’s’ will be gasping the day you say ‘I do.’  Don’t believe me?  Well the proof is in the pudding, my friends; so, grab a spoon and enjoy these tasty creations!

*Damask Decorative Table Runner

courtesy of Lindsey Kroemer via

*Geometric Decorative Table Runner

courtesy of Lindsey Kroemer via

*Our New Monogram Decorative Table Runner

courtesy of Lindsey Kroemer via

*Vintage Decorative Table Runner

courtesy of Lindsey Kroemer via

*Country Chic Decorative Table Runner

courtesy of Lindsey Kroemer via

*Doily Pattern Decorative Table Runner

courtesy of Lindsey Kroemer via

*Elegance Decorative Table Runner

courtesy of Lindsey Kroemer via

*Embracing Hearts Decorative Table Runner

courtesy of Lindsey Kroemer via

*Fresh Foliage Decorative Table Runner

courtesy of Lindsey Kroemer via

*Parisian Decorative Table Runner

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*Polka Dot Decorative Table Runner

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Personalized Table Runners cover a lot of ground and create a lot of drama, and they are extremely simple and easy to use!  Printed on durable 100% cotton, our fabric table runners feature a polymer coating for a soft, canvas like texture to produce superior draping. 

Because bold colors and schematic patterns cut down the need for decorations, you’ll be able to save on extra costs by simply adding your place settings and centerpieces to the already well fashioned tables.

Trend Alert: The Little Black Dress Wins Again

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After co-worker (what it do, Jessi!) forwarded me on an email this morning, I knew I couldn’t pass up posting its brilliant notion to the masses. 

Black is BACK, and it’s in your wedding!  Not that black was ever was gone, of course, but this season, it’s taking the wedding market by storm… and in new, uber cute ways.  Mayhaps the biggest way is through the bridal gown.  Sure, anyone can accent their wedding day with the tuxedo colored canvas, but what about doing your whole dress in it???

You heard me.

The bridal gown – perhaps the epitome of a little girl’s wedding day dreams – has always been the epicenter for wedding plans.  When that big day rolls around, it legitimately is all about the dress.  And with brides taking on all kinds of trends in order to better suit them, it was only a matter of time before the standard ‘little black dress’ became the I-gotta-have-it-can’t-live-without-it bridal gown blowout!  Just check out these incredible creations from

photos courtesy of from vendors (left to right, top to bottom) LOVEKARLAK, CoralieBeatrix, Chabri (inset), hollystalder, CobarCollection, hollystalder and herlbd

But if tradition still tugs at your heart strings and you can’t bear to wear a dress made entirely of black… why not try accenting it with a fabulous sash and still get your kick of ooh la la!

photos courtesy of from vendors (left to right, top to bottom) elitewomen, SammysBridalShop, finkshop, VenustBridal, VenustBridal, BridalShoppe, SomethingIvory, BCGirls and icing101

Hollywood Happily Ever After’s are Hard: Kim K says ‘So Long!’ to Hubby Humphries

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Well, the sanctity of marriage took another blow yesterday when Kim Kardashian announced she had filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after a solid 72 days of wedded bliss, er, amiss.  Shocker, I know.  But all things considered, 72 days of marriage in Hollywood years is like a Silver Anniversary in regular years; so, mayhaps we should be applauding their valiant effort in holding such high esteem for the ’til death do us part vow. 

Yes?  No?  Maybe?

And while I’m not a fan of bullying (putting others down to lift myself up) or celebrating mediocrity per say. I am a fan of celebrating in general, and in this case, I like to think of how we can turn this 72 day negative into a sublime positive. Because I truly believe behind every storm cloud, there lies a silver lining.  And I’m pretty sure I found here :)

Kim K and frisky Kris had a fairytale, $20 schmillion wedding – making every day of their marriage worth a cool $277,777, whoop whoop! – but they still couldn’t make it last…  And alas, this is where the upside lies…

I figure, if you’ve been married longer than 72 days, well then, you have beaten the odds and have a cause for celebration!  Bust out the champagne glasses and let the toasting begin, because you and your Mister have outlasted a ‘dream come true’ ceremony and 20 million dollar marriage!!  Um, can anyone else say amazeballs??

And the celebration train station doesn’t just stop there!  Oh no, my friends, it keeps on going!  For those of you looking for more reasons to ‘cheers!’ your love, here are some other Hollywood Wedding Whoops-a-daisies that could help you out:

  • The hubs and I are vastly approaching our two year anniversary, and we can feel proud to know that our love outlasted a Hollywood great, Humphrey Bogart and his first wife Helen Menken.  Their marriage ended in divorce after 17 months, as did Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow’s. 
  • And if you’re marriage has gone longer than year, well then pour the wine and cut the cheese because you made it longer than joltin’ Joe DiMaggio and his iconic bride, Marilyn Monroe, who ended their marriage after only 9 months.  Also in this category?  Funny man favorite Jim Carrey and ex-wife, Lauren Holly, also said bu-bye before a year…  ending their nuptial love fest after 10 months.
  • Let the WAHOO continue if you’ve made it to even 6 months because you’ve now gone longer than a country singing mega star, an Oscar winning actor and actress and a daughter of a living legend.  Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger, as well as Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley all said see ya before they even reached the half year mark!
  • Heck, if you’ve only been married for a couple of weeks, why not raise a couple glasses in honor of the fact that you made it longer than sultry siren Carmen Electra and NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman?  Their marriage ended after a staggering 10 days!
  • And you know what??  Just because we all could use a little more yay in our life… go ahead and pat yourselves on the back if you’ve even been married longer than 57 hours because you made it longer than one of my all time faves, Britney Spears, and her childhood friend, Jason Alexander.  They had their marriage annulled after an astounding 56 hours.  Yep.  Amazing.

 So, you see, where one door closes, another one opens, my blog loving brides, and we all can have a reason to celebrate this day!  I just hope whoever is writing the check for Kim Kardashian’s next nuptials uses a luckier pen :)