Statement Bridesmaid Dresses: Because Every Girl is Unique

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Everyone knows that a wedding day is all about the bride ((insert groom to be polite)), but of all the brides I’ve ever known, not a single one of them has ever been dead set on leaving everyone else out in order to achieve her grand status.  Sure, there will always be the boo-tastic bridezilla exceptions, but generally speaking, most brides want their big day to be a big day for everyone else too.

Brides ((okay, and grooms)) want their guests to laugh and enjoy.  They want their bridal party to dance and cheer.  But most of all, they want their family and friends to leave feeling with a feeling of exhaustion from all the fun and excitement… it’s simply how they roll.  After all, what bride wants the day that’s “all about them” to be one everyone else marks with distain and ill repute?  Um, I’d hope none!

Which is precisely why I love Love LOVE the idea of statement bridesmaid dresses!  I mean, helllloooo!?!?  Your bridesmaids are not cookie cutter friend prototypes; so, why would you ever want them in cookie cutter dresses?  You wouldn’t! 

Hence, why so many brides are turning to retro patterns, colorful pallets, hand-me-down favorites and vintage accessories, in order to create the perfect look for their big day.  More and more, today’s modern bride is pairing similar colors with different shapes and patterns in order to create a unique, fun ensemble that suits both the bodies of her bridesmaids, as well as her overall aesthetic… truly, making it a win / win for all involved!

Don’t believe me??  Check out below, and see what I mean :)

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This kind of look can be achieved in a number of ways.  You can find a dozen or so dresses that you enjoy and let them select personal favorites or for you braver brides, you send some of your most trusted ladies out to raid closets and find what works best for those on TIGHT budgets. One of my personal favorite solutions: hit up your local paint store, pick out and pair up your favorite color swatches.  Then, provide your ‘maids with a base color pallet they can use to find their dress.  

It’s really up to you, but the conclusion will no doubt be the same… unique dresses for unique girls for a unique day!  Whoop, whoop!

Statement Bridesmaid Dresses: Because Every Girl is Unique
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