Hurricane Irene Blows Away Wedding Plans, but One Couple Proves True Love (can still) Conquer All!

Erica and Brett Weiss made the best out of poor circumstances and proved not even hurricane forces could stop their love! (photo courtesy of Michael Duva via

Since the dawn of local and national news programs, natural disasters and potentially fatal epidemics have been at the forefront of reporting, and it’s no wonder why.  With the general public always looking for a cause to panic – don’t lie, you know we do – it’s not unusual to see how the media can turn even the smallest molehill into a retro-grade sized mountain.

Hurricane Irene, however, is no molehill.  In fact, its estimated damage totals over $10 billion!  That’s a whole lotta cheddar for one storm, especially when you consider the amount of immeasurable damage it caused in its path.  And being the hopeful romantic I am, I couldn’t help but be concerned how the hurricane’s havoc affected all the couples planning to take the plunge during its debut.

And affect the pre-nuptial plungers, it did. 

According to, there were over 6,031 wedding planned for August 26th through the 28th in areas affected by the invasion of Irene; several of which were located in pricey, upscale areas like Manhattan.  (We’re talking $70,000+ wedding budgets here, people!)  And with several venues closing down and wedding days being put on delay, there were a whole lot of bridal budgets being crushed by gail force winds… literally!   

And while “rain on your parade” seemed to take on a whole new level of understanding, for one couple in particular, Brett and Erica Weiss, there was still cause for celebration.  They decided not even a hurricane could stop their big day from taking place.  CNN reports that this brave, see-the-glass-half-full duo decided to turn their frowns upside down when they transformed their rehearsal dinner into their wedding day!  Dressed to the nines in a pressed tux and a well manicured dress and veil, Erica and Brett made the first steps to wedded bliss in front of the 100 family and friends still able to be in attendance, and the results were nothing short of a dream come true.

Even after natural disastrous damage and 36 hours of customer service calls and rescheduling threatened to dampen their day, the couple remained in high spirits.  Erica was even reported saying, “if rain on your wedding day is good luck, then I think we’re starting off in a pretty good place.”  (

Um, can you say gold star bride?  Love it, love her and love the attitude!

After all, the potential for wedding day disaster is always going to be there… probably why our wedding coordinator just kept saying, “Even though things may go wrong, at the end of the day, you’ll still be married.”  And isn’t that what’s most important?  We’re ingrained to believe that a wedding day is supposed to be our happily ever after, but when potential disaster strikes (and I mean real disaster, not your aunt decided to get drunk and ‘be somebody’ on the mic), pre-nuptial couples are often times forced to make split decisions that will completely alter over a year’s worth of planning.  I’m just glad to know that even during the most desperate of times, true love can still conquer all :)

Big kudos to Erica and Brett for braving the weather and making the best… you now have a new wedding fan in the Midwest who will be toasting to many, MANY years of happiness!

Hurricane Irene Blows Away Wedding Plans, but One Couple Proves True Love (can still) Conquer All!
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