Budget Schmudget: Recession-Proof Bridesmaid Gifts They’ll Go Gaga Over

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Who said you have to spend a fortune to get a bundle?  Um, not this pretty little lady – that’s fo sho!  Here at Marilyn’s Keepsakes, we make it a point to serve up trend-tastic goods for the budget savvy bride!  After all, does anyone really want to ‘shop til they drop?’  Eeesh.  Sounds painful.

Instead of dropping – be it physically yourself or things off your list in order to save – why not simply spend smarter and get more bang for each one of your hard earned bucks??   Ha!  I knew you’d be on board!

I know one area that snuck up on me (and added up SUPER fast) was the inevitable rush for attendant gifts… It’s not that I ever had an issue about spending moolah on the beautiful people me and the Mr. love the most, but I just felt like we put it off until last minute; so, when we started factoring in bridesmaids gifts, groomsmen gifts… gifts for the mothers and grandmothers, the fathers and grandfathers, the flower girls and ring bearers…  ushers, guest book attendants… I think you see where this is going… I started to panic juuuuust a touch. 

Obviously, being partial to all my ladies, I wanted to get them something fiercely fabulous, while still leaving a little somethin’ somethin’ for the all the dudes – haha!  Good thing I work at a place that could provide me just that! 

<Enter Stage Right> Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts Under $25!   Unheard of, you say?  Too good to be true, mayhaps?  Nope :)  Priced with you in mind and personalized free of charge, our entire line will have your wallet looking up and asking, “Does this custom gift make me look fat?”  Yes, wallet, it does, and we couldn’t be happier :)

Happy shopping, ladies, and cheers to many MANY years of happiness!

Budget Schmudget: Recession-Proof Bridesmaid Gifts They’ll Go Gaga Over
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