Brides Get Boho-Chic with Anthropologie’s Wedding Line

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You heard me right, ladies!  Anthropologie – a Bohemian beauty’s fashion dream come true – has recently announced the launch of their antique-chic and highly hipster line of wedding dresses and accessories!   

The spin-off shop, BHLDN (pronounced “Beholden”), is linked directly from their main site and has been causing “ooh’s and aww’s” since its launch on Monday, February 14 (aka Valentine’s Day, aka a day for lovers!)  But this 24 carat nugget of golden information has left me with paradoxical pangs of bittersweet in my belly.

Why, bittersweet?  You may ask…

Well, the sweetness comes in because A) I love love love me some Anthropologie diggs and B) with modern day weddings doing all kinds of rewinds back to vintage valor, no one could possibly dress a bride to impress better than Anthro-to-the-pologie! 

So how could there possibly be a bitter? You might continue…

That’s easy.  Because unlike all my bride-to-be beauties out there right now, I’m already hitched and can’t capitalize on this gem!  Haha! 

For cereal, their stuff is increds!  Their gowns range in price from $600 to $4000, and it would be best if you didn’t even get me started on the accessories!  If you’re a lady in waiting looking to be the ultimate vintage vixen, you needn’t look any further than their line of shut-up-these-SHOES-are-incredsjazztastic jewelrycouture cover-upsooh la la lingerie or adorably unique hair adornments

Don’t believe me?  Go their yourself or simply check out the sampling below:

Pleated Fantasy Gown $3600, Floral Artwork Dress $1800, Eyelet Medley Sheathe $1000 (courtesy of

Floating Peony Headband $60, Botanical Garden Headband $460, Velvet Cocktail Hat $495 (courtesy of

Agave Peep-Toes $350, Bow-Topped Slingbacks $310, Beaded Brocade Slingbacks $310 (courtesy of

Portraiture Bolero $150, Feather Bolero $350, Bow-Topped Bolero $120 (courtesy of

Neo Triple Strand $350, Pave Marvel Earrings $188, Namesake Beaded Bracelets $180.00 (courtesy of

Vanity Table Peignoir $250, Joie de Vivre Netted Chiffon Bra $82, Knotted Gamine Thong $38 (courtesy of

Brides Get Boho-Chic with Anthropologie’s Wedding Line
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2 thoughts on “Brides Get Boho-Chic with Anthropologie’s Wedding Line

  1. INCREDIBLE find!!! I love that bow-topped bolero, and the beaded brocade shoes… not to mention the dresses!
    PS: I’m with you, Amy – way to look at the bright side! :)

  2. I love vintage too. I’m also bummed that I won’t be able to wear one of these beauties. Maybe I can get the underwear though! Ha ha! I can even get the matching feather thingie to go in my hair! :) And I’ve always been a lover of vintage jewelry and own a few “real” pieces. Way pretty!

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