Breakaway Bouquets… because the More, the Merrier!

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Recently, a girlfriend at work (hollerrrrr Jessi!) attended a wedding, and after being impressed by the unique bouquet toss, she came in to dish the deets for The Best Wedding Blogger Ever – thank ya muchly, my dear!

At the reception she attended, instead of the bride throwing a traditional “tossing bouquet,” she threw a bouquet that split into several mini bouquets.  Thus, providing more than one lady-in-waiting the coveted prize of “you’re next!”  Obviously, la-Louvre-ing the idea, I immediately went into search mode to see what I could find.

While this kind of breakaway bouquet (also known as a fortune bouquet) hasn’t quite made a famed name for itself in the wedding world, it’s definitely a trend growing in popularity.  Many brides who choose to take this option on keep the base idea the same: one bouquet splitting into several parts, but they also tag it with their own individual style as well.

Some brides will invite all their female guests - not just the single ones – out onto the dance floor and will either A) ask them all to make a wish or B) simply say that it’s a bouquet for luck, love or (fill in the blank) that everyone can enjoy.  

I have also seen where other brides separate their entire bouquet into individual flowers and attach charms, fortunes, good luck ribbons, etc. to the stems; so, that each girl vying for a piece of that bridal gold will gladly do so. 

It’s for sure an uber cute idea, and as someone who has made countless “walk ‘o’ shames” to catch the single lady bouquet, it most def makes it easier on any lady who begrudges the whole process!

So, put on your thinking caps, start tossing and spread even more joy!

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Breakaway Bouquets… because the More, the Merrier!
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One thought on “Breakaway Bouquets… because the More, the Merrier!

  1. Great idea on the bouquets. But I really like to see the knock down, drag out fights they have on the funny home video shows when they’re fighting over the one bouquet. They crack me up!

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