Top 10 Dress Wedding Trends for Spring 2011

According to, there are several wedding dress trends brides should be on the lookout for in 2011, and Marilyn’s Keepsakes is proud to put our stamp of approval on some of our faves!

Trend #1: Dainty Dots

From the sweet and sophisticated to the modern and modish, dotting your bridal gown with this girly trend is the perfect way to accent your look without taking away from your overall appeal.

Designer: Christos (photos courtesy of

Trend #2: Billowy Skirts

Frothy layers of sex appeal come to life when you modernize the ball gown with oversized layers of soft chiffon and tulle fabrics.

Designer: David Fielden (photos courtesy of

Trend #3: Spirals

Razzle Dazzle ‘em with oodles of ra-ra-ruffles when you walk down the aisle in these diva details complete with stylish pleats and flair-worthy levels.

Designer: Marchesa (photo courtesy of

Trend #4: Keyhole Necklines

Creating a vintage inspired, peek-a-boo treat that brides will love, keyhole necklines are a unique blend of modern trend and retro-chic.

Designer: Monique Lhuillier (photos courtesy of

Trend #5: Tiny Tiers

Complementary to all body types, this type of soft rouching does a fabulous job for creating form flattering lines and soft silhouettes.

Designer: Alvina Valenta (photos courtesy of

Trend #6: Full Blooms

Love will be in full bloom when you blossom down the runway, err, I mean aisle in a gown raptured by Springtime magic.  Whether highlighting one centerpiece blossom or creating a frock of full of florals, you’ll surely make friends and family “ooh and ahh” with this trendy treat.

Designer: Allure Couture & Bridals (photos courtesy of

Trend #7: Sheer Coverage

Sexiness personified.  Revel in the revealing appeal of sheer coverage when you dance your wedding night away in one of couture’s most current and up-to-date looks.

Designer: Pnina Tornai (photos courtesy of

Trend #8: Separates

Who needs a full on wardrobe change when you can simply swap out elements.  When you dress to impress with exchangeable pieces, you’ll easily create a look that can go from fun and flirty to dramatic and girly.

Designer: Melissa Sweet (photo courtesy of

Trend #9: Modified Mermaid Silhouettes

Want the uber sexiness or mermaid styles without cutting your movement ni half?  Then, look no further that with these softer, fit ‘n’ flare styles that start to expand out just above the knee.

Designer: Vera Wang (photos courtesy of

Trend #10: Embellished Belts

Define your waist with class when you decorate it with a beautiful belt, embellished crystals, pearls, beads and bobbles.

Designer: Romona Keveza (photos courtesy of

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Facsimile: the Royal Wedding Sends Fax-tastic Save the Dates

Prince William + Kate Middleton

photo courtesy of

According to reports from the Daily Mail, the royal family’s Queen Elizabeth is all about taking things to a trendy level when it comes to the upcoming nuptials of her dear grandson, Prince William and his lucky lady in waiting, Kate Middleton set for April 29 of this year.

Dictated by protocol, the Queen Bee herself wrote a letter, which was transmitted via fax, to all expected sovereigns on the guest list.  Sovereigns – out of respect and tradition – customarily receive advanced notice from other “foreign heads of state and non-VIP guests.” (

Among those already confirming their “faxy” RSVP’s??  Former sovereign of Greece, King Constantine (who also happens to be William’s godfather and close friend / 2nd cousin to Prince Charles), his wife, Queen Anne-Marie and their eldest son, Crown Prince Pavlov; Serbia’s Crown Prince Alexander (who is also the Queen’s godson) and his wife, Crown Princess Katherine; and the Romanian Monarchy, led by former King Michael and his wife, Queen Ann.  Looks like we’re in store for a pretty royal funky chicken come April! 

Not only that, but even though all confirmed guests are well into their 60s, 70s and even 80s – minus Crown Prince Pavlov who is still a spring chicken among the others at 43 – they were all so quick triggered with the fax machine acceptance and responses!  Ha!  My poor dad still only types with his index fingers!

But I suppose this kind of new age Save the Date should come as no shock to those of us stalking down the regal wedding deets.  After all, it was a tweet heard ’round that world that first solidified the engagement news of Prince Willy and Katie Baby and even the fax machine Queen Mum is also a Facebooking  and Flickr all star; so, it’s no wonder that sovereign Save the Dates would be sent facsimile style.  

And what’s even better??  There’s still more to come!  These sovereign guests will join the 1,800 other privy invitees when the formal, embossed in gold and written by hand invitations go out next month.  I guess for the sovereign royalty though, any kind of heads up in a situation like this is always nice.  I mean, everyone knows when it comes to royal nuptials, there’s about a schmillion other things you could be doing that day instead… (please note the sarcasm and move along.)

But I gotta give ‘em props.  Between the tweet-confirmed engagement, the Queen gettin’ her FB and Flickr on and the fax-ilicous Save the Dates, this is one modernized and efficient family wedding!  And we all know, nothing says romance quite like “efficient.”  Haha!  So, if the Queen Mum is listening, I thought I’d let her know, our fax number here is 800.486.3491, and if you just want to put ATTN: Mary Dietz on it somewhere, I’m sure I won’t have any issue in receiving it…

The gauntlet has been thrown…

And for all my other royal brides-to-be out there looking to make a statement with your “Pencil Us In!” announcements, be sure to check out our full line of DIY & Printable Save the Dates!

Throw Him a Bone & Give the Father of the Bride a Duty that Doesn’t End with a Dollar Sign

photo courtesy of

My dear Uncle Rich (whose daughter, Kimmi, was previously featured on the blog) is a wonderful, wonderful man.  Next in line after my dad in the army of Kidwell siblings, he was born with a smile on his face and a jive in his step.  He always has a funny joke to tell, a humorous story to recount or a helping hand to offer, and every now again, he even likes to provide us with an infinite word of wisdom.

So, shortly after the eldest of his three daughters got married and I got engaged, Uncle Rich offered some of this infamous wisdom to my Papa.  “Bill,” he said.  “In regards to your daughter’s upcoming nuptials, there’s only one thing as the Father of the Bride you need to know… Just Shut Up and Pay!”  Haha!

Obviously, albeit humorous and good spirited advice, this is hopefully not the only advice or role brides-to-be want for their fathers.  But sadly, despite our greatest efforts and intentions, many will inevitably end up feeling just like that…  Hence, why it’s so important to make sure all FOBs feel like an essential part of the team and not just a piggy bank. 

Give your daddios a job / a task / a duty – no matter how big or small – to make sure he knows he’s needed :)  If he has a sweet tooth, why not let him pick out a cake flavor?  Or, if you have a papa who’s particularly picky about his wardrobe, how about letting him offer advice on the tuxes?  Why not let him be a part of the excursions that interest him?  Choosing a band.  Or a mode of transportation, etc.  One of the many tasks I asked of my dad was to pick out the song we danced too.  He loved it!

Of course, for any FOBs out there who happen to read this and mayhaps start to feel a little overwhelmed, might I offer a bit of cheer?  I’ve been married for well over a year, but it wasn’t until a couple months back that my mom told me a story…  

After all the months of preparation, paying, checking in, paying, scheduling, PAYING, my Papa and I still had the long 125 foot aisle journey surrounded by teary eyed friends and family to walk down before he could give me away.  Once we reached the end – fully aware of all the dollars he spent – and he gave me away, my Papa quietly took his place in the pew alongside my mom.  She reached out for his hand and looking up proudly heard him whisper, “Worth every penny.”

Breakaway Bouquets… because the More, the Merrier!

photo courtesy of

Recently, a girlfriend at work (hollerrrrr Jessi!) attended a wedding, and after being impressed by the unique bouquet toss, she came in to dish the deets for The Best Wedding Blogger Ever – thank ya muchly, my dear!

At the reception she attended, instead of the bride throwing a traditional “tossing bouquet,” she threw a bouquet that split into several mini bouquets.  Thus, providing more than one lady-in-waiting the coveted prize of “you’re next!”  Obviously, la-Louvre-ing the idea, I immediately went into search mode to see what I could find.

While this kind of breakaway bouquet (also known as a fortune bouquet) hasn’t quite made a famed name for itself in the wedding world, it’s definitely a trend growing in popularity.  Many brides who choose to take this option on keep the base idea the same: one bouquet splitting into several parts, but they also tag it with their own individual style as well.

Some brides will invite all their female guests - not just the single ones – out onto the dance floor and will either A) ask them all to make a wish or B) simply say that it’s a bouquet for luck, love or (fill in the blank) that everyone can enjoy.  

I have also seen where other brides separate their entire bouquet into individual flowers and attach charms, fortunes, good luck ribbons, etc. to the stems; so, that each girl vying for a piece of that bridal gold will gladly do so. 

It’s for sure an uber cute idea, and as someone who has made countless “walk ‘o’ shames” to catch the single lady bouquet, it most def makes it easier on any lady who begrudges the whole process!

So, put on your thinking caps, start tossing and spread even more joy!

photo courtesy of

Rent the Runway on Your Wedding Day

Rent the Runway is an online store that allows customers to rent designer clothing – worth thousands in paper cheddar - for mere pennies on the dollar.  Born out of New York City, Rent the Runway gives solution to the age old anomaly: “closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear,” and I have to admit, I’m rather impressed :)

Created by two Harvard Business School Jennifers -  known to their friends affectionately as Jenn and Jenny – Rent the Runway houses countless name brands that you can rent out and wear on special occasions without the dramatic depletion to your checking account.  With over 95 designers to choose from, they will gladly send you two sizes of the dress (or accessories) of your choosing at up to 90% off the retail cost… they even take care of the return shipping! 

My girlfriend Rachel – holler, Rachie! – did this for our friend’s Lauren’s NYE wedding, and she looked absolutely fabulous!  Already a b.e.a.uuuutiful girl, she rocked the reception in a Milly Kimono-me dress which retails at $445 for the low, low price of $50.  See below:

Rent Here:

Wear Here:

Showin' off the duds at an NYE wedding!

With the newlywed, Lauren Lou, and yours truly! (my dress was from the 75% off rack @ JCP - boo yeah!)

**Work it out, Rach!**  Rent the Runway has been featured in just about every fashion magazine, television program and most recently, they expanded their line into weddings!  Whoo hoo!  Now, brides have the opportunity to rent from the BEST designers the wedding world has to offer for themselves and/or their bridesmaids!  Love this idea, not only for brides on a budget, but any ladies lookin’ to feel fabulous and retain savings!  Check it out below:

Wedding Gowns Encouraged & Discouraged by the 2011 Golden Globes

It’s no secret that I love me some hot celebrity scoop, and with award season well under way, I will no doubt be incorporating the Fashion Do’s and Dont’s topping the list to hopefully inspire some of your best bridal wardrobes.

After my best friend and fashion designer (holler for a dollar, Breezie!) posted Olivia Wilde’s gown on her hipmatic, New York blog this past Sunday, I knew I had to follow suit. Because red carpet fashion is inspired by the runway, and everything trickles down to inspire the gown… your wedding gown, that is!

While some big time bridal designers – such as Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang and Romona Keveza – dressed several of the most fabulous celebs, the designs from all were no doubt talked about! So, for better or for worse, here are 25 of the 2011 Golden Globes most talked about looks:

**all photos courtesy of**

Hosts went wild about Olivia Wilde in Marchesa. Talk about a fairy tale princess :)

Winning the Best Dressed nod from E!'s Fashion Police, Angelina Jolie represented well in Atelier Versace.

It was a fashion toss up for recently divorced Scarlett Johansson in who sported an Elie Saab gown and Bride of Frankenstein 'do.

Tiny and mighty, here is Eva Longoria in a form fitting Zac Posen, and I have to admit, this has "Eat your heart out, Tony Parker" written all over it.

Anne Hathaway dressed in full on Dynasty-inspired fashion with Armani Prive also received several Best Dressed nods!

Love it or hate it, here is Jennifer Lopez in a Zuhair Murad gown in white.

Who said redheads can't wear pink? Here's Julianne Moore sporting a hot pink gown, asymmetrical gown by Lanvin.

While I normally love everything about Halle and her berries, I can't say I'm nuts about this black Nina Ricci gown.

Both boo's and applause followed Lea Michele in her ultra fabric, pink Oscar de le Renta.

While Sandra Bullock's dress was mostly considered a miss, it was her hair that really had fans saying, "huh?"

Legendary risk taker Helena Bonham Carter really went all out in Vivienne Westwood and mismatched shoes ensemble... leaving me wonder, where were her friends to help!?

The always timeless and recently wed, Carrie Underwood, looked stunning in her champagne colored Badgley Mischka gown.

Also representing the nude color pallet - as well as a disco daisy pattern - Michelle Williams walked the red carpet in Valentino. And while I love Michelle and Valentino, I can't say I'm feeling this look.

Well, there goes the notion that super models can wear anything. Heidi Klum was looking a hot mess in this psychedelic Marc Jacobs getup.

Also recently newlywed, Megan Fox, played it safe in this blush colored Armani Prive gown, but I wouldn't mind to take home those shoes!

J. Love, is that you under there? Normally one of Hollywood's best bodies, Jennifer Love Hewitt seemed a bit drowned by her Romona Keveza gown.

Also rocking a Romona Keveza gown, Julia Stiles walked the red carpet in fierce, one-shouldered fashion.

Easy "A's" Emma Stone was almost unrecognizable in her skin toned Calvin Klein dress and recently bleached tresses, but I got to admit, I still kind of liked it :)

Not only did she look "oh so" in love with cancer surviving hubby, Michael Douglas, but Catherine Zeta-Jones was a knockout in this whimsical, jewel toned Monique Lhuillier number. Love it and love her!

Considered one of hot young Hollywood's royalty, I have to wonder what Leighton Meester was thinking wearing this dowdy, Burberry Prorsum design? She's much too cute to be so covered!

It was all about setting the red carpet on fire when Mad Men bombshell, Christina Hendricks entered wearing this Romona Keveza one shoulder gown. And while I love her and the dress, there's something a little too much (and too red) about it altogether.

Sporting the same jewel tone as Angelina and Catherine Zeta, Mila Kunis walked the red carpet in a form fitting Vera Wang.

January Jones let everyone know why she makes the "men mad" in this contemporary cut out gown by Versace.

Amy Adams went asymmetrical in her navy blue, frock top gown by Marchesa.

The curvaceous Sofia Vergara had jaws dropping in the corseted, two tone gown by Vera Wang, and while the reviews were mixed, there's no denying this bombshell's beauty!

First is the Worst, Second is The Best: What Purple Weddings Would Say

photo courtesy of

While weddings done in shades of blue have had the wedding market on lock for two years in a row, purple nuptials – and all the hues they entail – are a close second.  And it’s no wonder why!

Pretty purples, vivid violets, lovely lavenders and impeccable indigoes all hold the key to the world’s most globally recognized look for all things regal.  Dating all the way back to Medieval times, purple dyes were considered a rare and expensive look for only the most worthy aristocrats throughout Europe and even became the official color for Roman emperors and their entourages – ooh la la, a color fit for a queen!  Appropriate because, who could quite possibly be more queen-like than a bride in love!  Umm, nothing – duh!

Often associated with nobility and royalty, purple shades have come to embody wisdom, enlightenment and spirituality by combining the stability of blue with the energy of red.  They create a clear sense of luxury and sophistication with hints of femininity and romance… all in all, an ideal tone for a wedding day celebration, don’t ya think?!  Look below to see what I mean :)

photo courtesy of

photos courtesy of

photos courtesy of

photos courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photos courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photos courtesy of

photos courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photos courtesy of

Guest Book Alternatives with Signature Appeal

I’m always excited when we get in new products.  There’s just something refreshing about bringing in new trends to our line that gives me the warm and fuzzies, and every now and again, there comes along something that really stands out… and today, my dear brides to be, I’m happy to announce, is one of those things!


Custom Canvas Signature Guest Books!

  Woot woot!

Available in several different designs, these distinctive guest book alternatives put a creative spin on what is otherwise a plain, time honored tradition.   Crafted of custom printed canvas, framed with love and personalized at absolutely no cost to you, this interactive art is just the breath of fresh air every bride can look forward to!

No longer are the days of standard guest books that are all too often put away and never thought of again.  Instead, hang this signature piece proudly in your home and create a brilliant conversation piece, as well as a beautiful reminder of the day you said “I do.”

**Sets include custom printed canvas, black veneer wooden frame and plexiglass covering.  Click Here to view all our available styles and let the fun begin!

Penciled In Sweetness with Save the Date Genius

photo courtesy of

So, I saw this idea on, and HAD to share it with all of you!  With weddings becoming more and more about the bride and groom and less and less about traditional wedding hullabaloo, you can gosh darn guarantee that unique ideas will be popping up all over the grid and into bridal brains everywhere! 

For obvious reasons, this kind of forward thinking makes me a very very excited little bridal-ista, because not only does it make my job a very very easy one, but very very fun one as well :)  I barely have to turn a page or open the internet, before I’m bombarded with individual bridal genius… and today, my dear friends, was no different.

Because “Save the Dates” are becoming a familiar contender in the wedding world, it was only a matter of time before fabulously creative ways to display them would also join the ranks.  Suiting up today?  Save the Date Pencils!  I mean how adorable is that?  Not to mention, the cutest pun of “pencil it in” evs!

Pending your budget, you could send them as a box set, equipped with too-cute-to-boot stationery, stickers, buttons or pictures.  Or you could simply plop them in ready to mail envelopes and let them speak for themselves… really it’s up to you!  Below is an ideal example of what one couple used for their mailing set and pencil verbiage: “Pencil It In,” “Amber & Jeff Are Getting Married,” “August 3, 2010.”  Love!

photo courtesy of

*Blue* la la: Blue is Still the Hue to Beat in 2011

After a year on top in 2010, blue is still the go-to hue for weddings in 2011… and we couldn’t be more excited!  From royals and regals to aquas and skies, blue has a shade that will easily match any bride-to-be’s decor, and with its cool nature and stylish appeal, it’s easy to see why blue – and all its shades of glory – will spend another year atop the trend list in weddings!

Not only is blue a killer choice to pair with just about any other of shade of the rainbow, but historically speaking, it is is also the symbol for unity, trust, confidence, loyalty and security.  I mean helloooo??  Talk about a match made in bridal history!  And if you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to your “something blue,” feel free to look out below: Blue for Wedding Shoes, Blue for Bouquets, Blue for Bridesmaids and Blue for Invitations: 

Blue for Wedding Shoes

photo courtesy of

photos courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Blue for Bouquets

photo courtesy of

photos courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photos courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Blue for Bridesmaids

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photos courtesy of

photo courtesy of

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photos courtesy of

Blue for Invitations

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photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

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photo courtesy of