Spotlight: Real Life Bride, True Life Friend & Bright Spot to Every Other Life She Touches

My unmistakable friend, Kimmi, on her wedding day! (photos courtesy of

This past weekend, the Mister and I had the distinct privilege of witnessing one of my favorite people in the whole world say “I do” to the man of her dreams, and if it’s alright with all of you, I’d like to share their fairytale now… 

I first met my dear friend, Kimberly Marie Kessel (now Mrs. Witchger!), freshman year of college during our four year stint at the greatest place on earth… IU Bloomington (siiiiighhhh).  And after nearly nine years of friendship, I can honestly say, she was and still is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been granted on my journey. 

An endearingly quirky and sincerely loyal friend to the core, Kimmi has been my greatest teacher in the meaning of unconditional friendship.  She has an innate way of making everyone around her feel appreciated and needed without the lull of motive or expectation.  Her giving nature knows no limits, and her selfless demeanor and unbound caring, have provided some of my life’s truest blessings. 

There wasn’t a single other person on the planet that I would’ve rather spent my “No Class Fridays” with – be it on a hung-over trip to the Wendy’s drive thru, an inevitably regretful trip to the tanning bed or a simple trip to our living room couches to watch Lifetime Movies (yeah, I said it) and anxiously await the return of our other roommates from class.

Kimmi’s the kind of girl everyone could use in their life, which is why I couldn’t have been happier when I first met her match, Billiam (pronounced Bill-lum because Kimmi already had a William and Liam in her life – haha!).  It was two Halloweens ago, and if seeing them paired as Harry and Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber didn’t scream “meant to be,” I don’t know what could!  **That would be them on the outside, surrounding Kim’s sister, brother-in-law and nephew.  (story cont’d below)


Now, my dear Kimmi has always been a creature of habit and doesn’t necessarily stray far from her comfort zone or unorthodox guidelines created, written and followed by hers truly.  While some may regard the reckless abandonment of proper etiquette and rules as discomforting, I should make it perfectly clear, Kimmi and her infectious personality are the ideal exceptions that prove this very rule… she’s simply too lovable to be considered anything less.  So, you can imagine all our surprise – after Billiam had been sent half way across the world to start a branch of his company in the South of China – that Kimmi was still willing to give it a go. 

We all knew after Billiam popped the Q, that there was a possibility for her to move; so, as time neared their December 18th wedding, the writing became clearer and clearer and was even spotlighted during the traditional Father of the Bride speech.  Mike Kessel – the ahhhmazing papa of Kimmi – laid claim to the fact that his family of four – he, his wife, Sandi and their two daughters, Dani and Kimmi – were pioneers. 

While they had family all across the US, they were the first four to venture into Indiana, which transitioned beautifully into the news that Kimmi and Billiam would be using the same pioneering skills for their move to South China… China… I just keep saying it, but it still seems unreal that our little Kimmi will be 7,200 miles away!! 

I mean, heck, this is the girl who would never let us say “goodbye,” because she didn’t like the permanent tone of it.  Instead, we had to replace all of our goodbyes with “just one second please’s;” as to soften the blow of the time we’d spend apart.  And now that our darling girl has married her Prince Charming, we’ll be provided with our lengthiest “just one second please” ever!  But funnily enough, I’m not worried in the least, because after seeing the two of them grow in love, there’s not a shadow of doubt in my mind that Kimmi and Billiam would be the best, most lovesick pioneers for journeying so far away!

Their day was marked by epic moments of firework displays, confetti explosions, influential nods to their Asian Sensation future, regally assembled peacock accents and an insanely popular photo booth (propped by me!), and if it’s any premise to their future, we can all look forward to a truly beautiful love story!  See what I mean… how freakin’ cute are those killer kimono bridesmaid gifts?? (story cont’d below)

All the pretty ladies getting ready! (photo courtesy of

Getting ready for their official entrance as Mr. & Mrs.! (photo courtesy of

Caught in the act heading up the elevator! (photo courtesy of

Such a happy couple - makes me smile! (photo courtesy of

Confetti explosion during the First Dance - GARG! (photo courtesy of

Warmed up with love! (photo courtesy of

Ha! Cutest! (photo courtesy of

Photo booths are genius :) (photo courtesy of

Good luck to the wonderful Witchgers!  May your journey be filled with more smiles, few tears and all the love and happiness you can handle!  Billiam, I know there’s no man who could possibly love our Kimmi better than you, and as Dani – Kimmi’s sister and Maid of Honor – said when she ended her toast:

As you sit side by side through the roller coaster of life, remember to scream at the peaks, hold hands through the dips, laugh through the loops and enjoy every twist and turn…  We love you, and cheers to many, MANY years of happiness :)