Mini McGraw & Baby Paltrow: A Match Made in Celebrity Heaven?

Paltrow with son, Moses (photo courtesy of & Faith Hill with daughter, Audrey (photo courtesy of

So, I have to be honest, the minute I heard this story, my heart literally expanded with an outpouring of “awww!”  According to, Academy Award winner and mega -star, Gwyneth Paltrow, is already gearing up for four year old son Moses’ wedding day debut! 

After working on the set of her upcoming movie, Country Strong with Tim McGraw, the couple’s two families become extremely close – including their children, and the rest – as they say – is history.  Moses - son of Paltrow and Coldplay front man, Chris Martin – fell head over heels in love with country music’s hottest power couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter, Audrey, 9.

Asked by PEOPLE on Tuesday about Paltrow’s prediction that the kids will get married one day, McGraw replied: “That’s what I hear.  That’s what I hear.  Well, he better make a lot of money.” (

No worries, Tim, I’m sure being the son of a musical genius and acting legend is enough to at least give him a leg up against the competition! 

And while the five year age gap between Audrey and Moses isn’t necessarily enough for this too-cute-to-boot relationship to fall under the May-December category, it just might be precious enough to make the whole world smile… at least for a little while… orrrrr (fingers crossed) for a long while!!  One thing’s for certain, until it’s written in stone otherwise, I’ll be leaving my mailbox open to all future wedding invites!  Haha!  Hooray for baby love!