Ditch the Stiff Assigned Seating & Let Your Guests Lounge

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With traditional, cookie cutter weddings becoming more and more obsolete, the DIY bride - equipped with her diva-liscious attention to modern day details and retro chic trends – has emerged bigger and brighter than ever!  Because today’s weddings are less about what you should do and more about what you could do… modern day brides are finding their personal groove to be the main ingredient for making the “I do” day their dream come true.

In order to create their fairytale atmosphere, brides will most often times consider their guests.  In doing so, wedding “formality” is one of the first things to go!  Couples are embracing the notion of creating a celebration for all and want their guests to feel like the reception is a place they can truly let their hair down, relax and have fun; so, they’re tossing out the traditional assigned seating and catching wind of lounging in luxury.  After all, what’s more comfortable than an oversized, family room couch???  Umm, nothing – hehe!

In an interview with CNN, Andrea Correale – celebrity event planner, caterer and owner of Elegant Affairs in New York – made it clear that she’s no stranger to turning ordinary into extraordinary and discussed the notion of lounge, reception seating.

“People are getting rid of assigned seating. If you want to make it one big fab extravaganza, create a setting that allows for people to get up and move around, like a lounge, and allow people to sit where they want to sit. Ditch the nameplates.”  (Andrea Correale, CNN.com)

Because lounge seating works for every reception type from the super chic extravaganzas to the simple and sweet backyard BBQs, it will allow every bride the same ahhhmazing chance to create some magic!  

Modern brides looking to embrace this trend-tastic decor should stick with clean lines, oversized sectionals and a crisper, more monochromatic color pallet.  Think ultra plush, super chic Manhattan bar, accented by sharp architecture and dual-contrasting tones.  Imagine large, statement worthy prints accompanied by modern, sleek shapes.  Feel free to use vibrantly colored, track or LED lighting and pop it in whenever and wherever you can… because goodness knows, in an environment like this, it’s all about the ambiance, baby!

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And if you’re a more retro rewind kind of bride looking to capture this trend, try mixing fabric colors and textures, as well patterns and designs from within the same pallet for an extra boost of vintage pop.  Play up the ecclectic nature of your space by adding furniture pieces and table decorations that vary in size, shape and countour.  Really try and find ways to encorporate design elements that complement each other and have fun blending!  This lounge reception style is all about coordination; so, feel free to cut out that matchy / matchy hullabaloo and replace it with ooh la la oooooh!

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Ditch the Stiff Assigned Seating & Let Your Guests Lounge
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