Even though You Got a Place to Go: Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

photo courtesy of koleksifoto.com

They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck.  It’s said to be a sign of cleansing, growth and prosperity for the bride and groom; so, I figure that SNOW – which is waaaay cooler and stays much longer - has to be doubly as good, right?  I knew it :)

Well, even if it’s not, one thing is for sure… it makes for some in-cred-i-ble wedding pictures!  And in lieu of the holiday spirit (and the fact that it was the first day for snow in Indiana – whoop whoop!), not only am I dreaming of a White Christmas, but I can’t help but to also dream of sugar plum weddings as well!

Wedding pictures in the snow – for the brides bold enough to bear the cold – really do capture a sense of magic.  I mean, who remembers Phoebe Buffay’s wedding to good ‘ole Mike Hannigan on Friends???  Snooowww romantic!!!  (Pun intended, haha!)  Many pictures look like the pages of a fairy tale, and it’s no wonder… surrounded by crisp white and twinkling ice, any girl would look all kinds of ahhhhmazing!

Just look at these bad boys (and girls, duh!)! 

photo courtesy of rebekahwestover.blogspot.com

photo courtesy of robinroemer.com

photo courtesy of grazierphotography.com

photo courtesy of kerrymorgan.com

Haha! (photo courtesy of blog.photoskill.biz)

photo courtesy of manolobrides.com

photo courtesy of english-wedding.com