‘Bridalplasty’: Because Reality TV Simply Hadn’t Gone Far Enough

photo courtesy of chocolatebrides.com

If you read my earlier post about the E! series Bridalplasty, you mayhaps already have an inkling how I feel about it.  However, back then, it was merely speculation.  Yesterday, my friends, it became a reality… a sweet, suuhhh-WEEET reality.

You heard me :)  Bridalplasty made its convenient debut last night – November 28, 2010 – on E!, and as I watched train wreck after train wreck reveal her ridiculous idiosyncrasies and “look at me, look at me, I wanna be on TV!” personality, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of satisfaction that my first year wedding anniversary could share itself with such a cinematic gem.

I mean, just look at this genius…

Okay, so maybe “genius” is stretching it a bit, but seriously??  Can anyone else say, Hot Mess!?  And that’s just the preview!!!  You can imagine, the show only got better – “better” being the operative word – from there on out.  These “fix me!” brides-to-be are literally competing with each other for plastic surgery rewards (ie. Botox bashes / suction fat slumber parties / rhinoplasty revelries / you name it), in order to be the last bride standing to win her dream wedding (and face!)!

Now, I can’t tell you all this without revealing the best part… All these slice and dice festivities will take place over the course of four months.  Four months in which the potential winning, somewhat sad brides-to-be will be away from family, friends and loved ones – including their future hubs!  Meaning: not only will they be away from the man of their dreams, but they also won’t reveal their new face to the dude who OBVI loved her old face until the big day.  Seems logical, right?

<sense the sarcasm>

Maybe I’m just bitter.  Bridalplasty is, after all, a bit reflective of 2004′s classic, The Swan, and who didn’t walk away from that hot mess of a series feeling at least a little bit better about themselves??  (Mainly because you weren’t on it, hehe!) 

And yet, I digress.  Because you already KNOW I’ll be tuning in each and every week – as my Mister rolls his eyes from another room – to see this beast (whoops!) I mean beaut unfold.  And all I wanna know is… who’s coming with me?