You Got to Ask Yourself One Question… Do I Feel Lucky?

Well, do ya punk?

Haha!  Dirty Harry anyone?  Come on now, that was Clint Eastwood at his foxiest :)

Anyhoot, that was the quote that immediately came to my head when I read what one bride and her groom gave out as their wedding favors to all their guests.  “What?” you might ask???

Lottery tickets, of course!!  At $1 a pop, these gamble lovin’ gurus let their guests go home with scratch off’s (and mayhaps a little extra mad money) from their Vegas themed celebration.  Noted in the program, the bride said the favors were symbolic of the “luck” they feel every day having their family in friends in their lives.  Awww!

She also noted that if any were big winners, the hubs and she would happily split the winnings 50/50 or simply take the whole thing for themselves… and as long as that was intended as a joke, I can get behind the fun and uniqueness of this favor.  If not, I just might have to say it… tacky :)

My question to all of you: are lottery ticket favors something you’d gamble on?