DIY Divine: Wedding Time Capsules take Guest Books to Infinity & Beyond

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Okay, so I’ve been seeing this trend slowly rise in popularity over the past few months, and I have to say… I absolutely LOAF it!  Truly one of DIY’s finest ideas to date, wedding day time capsules make a great guest book alternative for couples looking to have a more inventive, interactive reception, and it’s no wonder why.

Originally inspired by this post from months ago, I haven’t been able to shake the uniqueness of time capsule guest books from my brain.  Not only do they create a blue print for individual style and once-in-a-lifetime memories to shine, but they also lay the ground work for what can be a newlywed couple’s most precious wedding keepsake.

Simply place the keepsake box, chest, container, etc. of your choice on a table near the front entrance of your reception – similar to where a traditional guest book would go, and accessorize it with vintage stationary, pens and instructions for use.  Encourage guests to write a cherished, shared memory of you two, a favorite moment from your wedding day, where they see you in ten years or even their best, marital advice.

Top the box off with time-honored treasures from your big day (ie. ceremony programs, Polaroids, toasting flutes, etc.), close it up tightly and bury it away.  Then, wait for your anniversary, whether it be 1 year, 10 years or 50 years down the road, and open it for the greatest flashback in time ever.

I’m telling you, this has the best of childhood memories and a buried treasure written all over it, and what better way to commemorate all your years together, than by taking a retro walk down memory lane? 

Good luck, and cheers to many years of happiness!

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