Wedding World Record Set: 110 Bridesmaids, ohhh Buddy!

Picture this to infinity and beyond! (photo courtesy of

Move over, Katherine Heigl; there’s a new bridesmaid beaut in town!

Jill Stapleton has set the new bridesmaid bar, but my question is… who will break it?  According to the Huffington Post, Jill Stapleton – an Ohio dance instructor – broke the Guinness World Record for most bridesmaids in a single wedding.  110 to be exact.

I have to admit, when I first heard about this story, I was like, “Really, Jill?  Really??”  Who has a 110 close friends?  Let alone 110 close friends they’d want in their wedding photos??  However, after hearing the story in full, it’s actually pretty cute.

Stapleton’s 110 bridesmaids were actually 110 of her dance students.  Ranging from tiny tots to tween queens, these world record breaking bridesmaids were all dolled up in various shades of aqua blues, royal purples and sea greens in order to march down the aisle all in the name of love!  According to Jill, it was a “fairytale” wedding for all!

**Side Note: The former World Record for most bridesmaids was 90, but you can be darn sure I’ll be waiting on pins and needles to see who can top 110.  Challenge noted and extended.  I look forward to seeing who accepts :)

Wedding World Record Set: 110 Bridesmaids, ohhh Buddy!
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8 thoughts on “Wedding World Record Set: 110 Bridesmaids, ohhh Buddy!

  1. Did all of pams people have the same dresses? Guinness has strict things, like all having the same dress, receipts, logs…it’s crazy.

  2. I already have the Team Pam tees ready to go… in fact, I’m sproting one now! Haha! Also, I totally searched for this on FB, but it didn’t turn up any results for people, pages, groups or apps… and Lord KNOWS I’d love to support :) Thanks for stopping by, Leigh!

  3. I was actually in a wedding as 1 of 158 bridesmaids. It was also a dance school owner that was getting married. See “Put Pam’s Wedding in Guiness Records” on Facebook!

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