Wedding Trend Alert: Tone-on-Tone Weddings

So, it’s Friday, and let’s be honest, come the afternoon hour, just about everyone and their mom have clocked out for the day… it’s almost the weekend but not juuuust yet… you have stuff to finish up but you feel like you’re eight and you “just don’t wanna!”… you’re considering pulling the fire alarm but not quite ready to serve the jail time… believe me, I get the point.  Friday afternoons at work can be a real dag.

Which is exactly why Marilyn’s Keepsakes likes to give hard working brides-to-be everywhere something to look forward to on those never ending Friday afternoons… a brand new blog post.  Haha!  And today, my comrade cuties, is no different.  In fact, it might even be more exciting  because I’m so pumped to report about my new FAVE wedding trend: Tone-on-Tone Weddings!

This ultra delish dish came to me when I came across this picture perfect scene from

Talk about rejuvination!  Now, mayhaps your brain doesn’t work like mine, but I instantly thought about the increds nature of doing weddings that would be tone on tone.  Instead of sticking to a similar color pallet, stick to a similar colors! 

Cosider the following yummy combos for a look that is both modern and timeless: