Spring Weddings Look Trendy When Dressed in Turquoise

For months, brides-to-be have been told that 2010 weddings are all about the blues!  And in Bride’s latest issue to hit newsstands (April 2010), they decided to focus on one of our favorite Blue’s Brothers – turquoise!  Love love love it! 

With its varying shades swimming from broad ocean blues to deep sea greens, it’s no wonder why turquoise has become a preferred choice amongst this year’s hottest weddings.  Because turquoise has a chameleon-like presence, altering from warm and romantic to cool and eclectic, it can be paired with a number of shades to create just about any atmosphere.  And when it’s paired with the right accent shade, turquoise has the ability to be as diverse as the 2010 Winter Olympics.  (Yeah, I took it there.)

Bride’s paired it with four completely different hues for four completely different looks, but what I’m dying to know is which one you like best!  So, be sure to leave your pick (or new pairing) below :)

Romance @ a Glance:  Seen as a more romantic coupling, turquoise and silver complement each other beautifully.  By pairing this bold color with a calm neutral, this contrasting combination will give your wedding day a quixotic feel from the first hairdo updo to the (let’s dance the) last dance!


Popped Collar meets White Collar:  Talk about a pop of prep-tastic magic!  Viewed as the scholarly solution to wedding day whimsy, these two shades are the game, set and match of truly vibrant settings.  The coolness of turquoise mingles amazingly with the chic-ness of cherry, making them ideal for spring or outdoor celebrations! 

A Tart Taste of Trend: As a journalist, I feel like it is my duty to offer up my bias on this one… There’s just something about chartreuse I could never quite understand.  I mean, is it green?  Is it yellow?  Is it supposed to be mossy and muted or limey and loud?  These are things we may never know, but what we do know is that when paired with turquoise, chartreuse will trend up just about any bride-to-be’s big day!  If it comes off too trendy for the traditional bride, you can always calm it down by bringing in a sleek neutral like black, sand or cream to help.

As Seen in Nature:  Bride’s magazine calls it “natural,” but I call it nautical!  This sea friendly duo will be the epitome of picturesque for your destination or beach themed wedding.  The calming effects of the serene blues will be the perfect pallet for all newlyweds looking to create a one of a kind look for a one of a kind love.