Go *Green* with Flowerless, DIY Wedding Bouquets!

photo courtesy of bellzandwhistlez.com

The wedding planner in all of us will inevitably come across things we like; things we love; thing we REALLY love; things we could do without; things EVERYONE could do without; things that rock; things that roll (right back where they came from); and my personal fave… things that become an OBSESSION.

Ladies, please welcome my newest obsession: Flowerless Bouquets!  From the minute I came across this trend on Princess Lasertron – ran by Megan Hunt: bridal planner extraordinaire and certifiable creative genius – I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for their quirky combination of vintage frock, trend appeal and DIY divinity!  For cereal, they’re ooh la la personified, and because most nonfloral bouquets can cut back on the fertilizers and pollutants pumped into Mother Earth to replenish flowers over and over again, they’re arguably the most eco-chic substitute there is!  (cont’d below)

photo courtesy of offbeatbride.com

I’m telling you, it’s a win / win for everyone!  While Princess Lasertron’s nonfloral bouquets focus on the distinctive use of felt fabrics and vintage buttons, the options for flowerless bouquets are almost endless… just imagine it, won’t you… (insert dreamy pan out sequence here)…

I can see it now… seashells and sand dollars for dynamic destination weddings… butterflies and berries for summer’s finest nuptials… pine cones and colored leaves for amazing autumnal “I do’s”… bedazzled ornaments and tinsel for weddings intent on being the holly’est and jolly’est… all kinds of bright colored candies for celebrations near and dear to Halloween or Valentine’s day…  rolled up, satin neck ties for weddings worthy of the red carpet…  (my brain could burst from excitement!)… you could even use parasols and peacock feathers and brooches (Oh my!)

I mean, the list goes on and on people!!  Not only is the creativity level for blossomless bouquets through the roof, but the do-it-yourself and keepsake potential for such creations is limitless!  Just take a look below to see what I mean and (hopefully) find some inspiration!  (Photos courtesy of princesslasertron.com, bellzandwhistlez.com, fantasyfloraldesigns.com and Google Images)

Extra, Extra!  And for those of you who find yourselves on the more traditional side of the bridal fence and can’t imagine walking down the aisle with anything but the most brilliant bouquet of flowers money can buy… I would urge you to check out some of these creations HandmadePaperFlowers.com came up with!  All of these are crafted of paper, but look as real, as real can be!  Love :)

photo courtesy of handmadepaperflowers.com