Hey, Boo Boo, It’s the BEST *Picnik* Basket Ever

Too bad I did this to myself - haha! (photo courtesy of Jessika Feltz Photography)

Let’s face it, unflattering photos of ourselves are everywhere.  Whether its the angle they were taken from, the poor lighting they were captured in or the unattractive, caught-off-guard, double chin pose we did to ourselves… we’ve all been haunted by heinous photos that continue to resurface time and time again.  <siiiiiighhhh>  Why?

And no time is a worse time for our not-so-hot-face-for-radio moments than on our wedding day.  So, what’s a girl to do when these inevitable photos from our supposed prettiest day ever begin to rear their ugly heads (pun intended)??  The same thing the staaahhhs do, daahhhhling… airbrush it, baby!

That’s right, picnik.com is an online photo editing service that allows you Photoshop yourself to sheer perfection.  For cereal, it’s ideal for people who A) can’t afford their own personal, super model editor or Adobe Photo Suite – who can?!!? or B) individuals looking to brush up their artistic skills. 

It provides the tools to do everything from turning your “too hot from dancing” sweaty forehead into an elegant, bridal glow to adding fun text to the shot of you and your bridesmaids getting down!  It über fun, no matter what skill level; so, go ahead and start editing today!  After all, isn’t it time for us to put our prettiest faces forward?