The Wedding Tweet Heard ‘Round the World

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Now, here’s a story that I fell absolutely head over heels in Louvre with…  Sarah Killen – a small town, unemployed bride-to-be from rural Michigan – became an instant, overnight success when Conan O’Brien selected her from obscurity to be his first “followee” on Twitter.  Last Friday at 3:55pm, O’Brien tweeted, “I’ve decided to follow someone random.  She likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs.  Sarah Killen, your life is about to change.”  (Haha! Conan is a comical genius!)

And change it did.   

According to reports, Sarah Killen – whose Twitter tag is LovelyButton – went from having a scantily clad group of three followers to a staggering list of over 20,000 in less than a week!  For all you math gurus out three, that’s like gaining 150 friends per minute… n.u.t.s.  But this new famed popularity crown is merely the tip of the ahhhh to the mazing iceberg that floated into Killen’s life.

Not only did this lucky lady gain the acknowledgement of one of comedy’s finest instruments and 20,000 (so far) others, but she also received a brand new iMac, several donations to her Susan G. Komen: Race for the Cure charity, a New York designer wedding gown AND wine for the nuptials… which I can’t say makes much legal sense for a not quite of age, 19 year old soon-to-be-Mrs. to receive… soooo, she should probably just forward that onto me: the easily over 21, former bride who would gladly toast her love at every “Cheers!”

Anyhoot, I seem to have wandered off course.  Soory aboot dat.  Bottom line, I would say that for a mere week’s worth of marinating, she has done quite well for herself, especially after you consider the fact that Killen and her fiancé, 21 year old John Slowik, only had a 30 dollar hollar saved for their upcoming, autumnal wedding… that’s right, only $30. 

Seems to me, that this future bride-to-be just might get the dream come true… and all because of one man’s tweet.  Absolutely increds!  I love how the world can work!  I wish you, Ms. Killen, all the happiness in the world and cheers to many, MANY tweetastic years of marital bliss!

Post Thought for Sir O’Brien:  Conan, you should probably do yourself a favor and follow WeddingXpert (Marilyn’s Keepsakes Twitter page)… then, a girl like Ms. Killen would totally be in the know for her September wedding, and the rest of the world could know the awesomeness that is MK :)… Plus, I technically just knighted you with that “Sir O’Brien” title; sooooo, you kind of owe me.  Hehe!