Families – like Coffee – are All Kinds of ‘Blends’

Other things may change us, but we start and end with family. ~ Anthony Brandt

It’s no secret that I love my family… inexplicably loyal, loving and all kinds of uncanny, my family is the number one reason I am who I am.  And while I know the love I have for them is nothing new in theory, I also know our makeup is unlike any other.  Like all families, ours is unique, and as the saying for one of my fave fast food spot’s (Arby’s!) goes, “different is good.”

So, I consider it to be one of America’s finest qualities that different… is exactly what we got!  This is especially the case when it comes to families!  There is just about every type of family you can imagine… your family, my family, his family, her family, big family, small family (whoo! I feel like Dr. Seuss!)… you get the point.  There’s no such thing as “the norm” when it comes to defining a family. 

A few summers back, the Mister and I attended a wedding for a second-time’s-a-charm couple in Illinois, and while some couples choose to downscale their second wedding, Samantha and Todd did it up to the nines!  Love love loved their day, but I especially love love loved the way they made their marriage about their entire family and not just themselves.  They wanted to make sure their children – both from previous marriages – understood the importance of their role and the true significance of being a single family unit… not just a couple with step kids.

During the ceremony, they actually used our 4pc. Sand Ceremony Unity Set, and it worked out beautifully!  While traditionally speaking, the unity candle is directed by a couple lighting a central pillar using tapers pre-lit by their mothers, the unity sand ceremony let’s others join in the fun!  Hooty hoot! 

They were able to let their children pour in their favorite colored sand into their engraved, center vase.  By pouring all the grains in together, it became the ultimate symbol of “what God has combined, let nothing divide”… cause Lord knows nobody would want to separate all those grains!

Congrats and love to all families – regardless of their flavors!  Because at the end of the day, we all have potential to be the perfect blend :)