Nicole Richie + Joel Madden Make It Official

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And can I just say, “Good for you, Nicole and Joel… Good.For.You!!”  These two crazy kids have been canoodling for over three years now, and while they’ve been engaged for quite some time, they didn’t make an official announcement until this past Monday via Richie’s interview on the Late Show with David Letterman and Madden’s tweets.  According to, rock ‘ n’ roll’s royal couple applauded their family and friends for keeping this delicious dish under lock and key long enough for them to enjoy it as a couple first, before letting the whole world in.

Again, I gotta say, “Good for you!”  I love love love that they wanted some time for themselves before they broadcast their nuptials to the world.  Wedding news going global almost seems inevitable when you’re a celebrity; so, it’s refreshing to see when famed friends find value in something more than publicity.

Armed with two b.e.a.uuuutiful babies, daughter Harlow (2) and son Sparrow (5 months) and what appears to be true Hollywood happiness, Richie and Madden will be walking down the aisle… and no one could be prouder than Papa Richie himself.  He reported to exclusively,

My happiness for Nicole and Joel knows no boundaries.  They have given me two beautiful grandchildren… and have proven to be great parents.  Lionel Richie 

Awww!  You gotta love a daddy’s love for his daughter :)

Now, as far as when these two will unite in wedded bliss?  Who knows??  Only time will tell, I suppose.  In the interim, however, you can be sure I’ll keep my fingers crossed and mailbox cleared for an invite!  Haha!  Congrats again you two and cheers to many years of happiness!