7 Incredible Flowers for Bridal Bouquets

Photo Courtesy of francoiseweeks.com

After meeting with our wedding florist for the first time, I have to be honest… it became very clear to me that I knew NOTHING about flowers.  Apparently, a rose isn’t just a rose.  In fact, my dear friends, a rose can be a Bourbon, a Centifolia, a Noisette, a Damask, a Moss, an Alba, a Portland, a Gallica or a Hybrid… and not just any hybrid… a rose could be a Hybrid Perpetual, a Hybrid Musk, a  <insert crossed eyes here> Hybrid Rugosa… I mean the list goes on and on, and we’re just talking roses for sobbin’ out loud!

If I have any advice when it comes to picking flowers – whether it be for your bouquet, centerpieces or just ‘cause – I would have to say simply, “Have fun with it!”  Go nuts printing out pictures of things you like and designs you’ve seen!  Florists love a bride who knows what she wants and help inspire them.  After all, it is your day, but it is their art.

Below are seven flowers I came across that you just might want to consider, especially after seeing them in action!  (Information courtesy of Wikipedia.org.  Photos courtesy of Google Images, and collages courtesy of yours truly!)

Alright, Allium!

Known for its buxom blossoms, this delightful bloom comes in a number of colors and shapes.  And while it is from the onion genus – make no mistake – there’s nothing stinky about it!  With as many as 750 species, this super sized flower is often rounder in shape and larger in size.  While its siblings include some of the cooking world’s favorites – onions, garlic, chives, etc. – its ornamental flowering species are quite beautiful, and quite less malodorous.  Haha!

Birds of Paradise are Very Nice!

Exotic by nature, appealing by design… there’s no denying the standout potential of a bouquet or centerpiece filled with this striking flower.  While there are several species known to man, the most famous ones are often times referred to by their geographic region.  Below are samples of how the Maui and Mexican Birds of Paradise create an unmistakable look!

Give me Some Chrysanthemums!

Currently including about 30 species, these beautiful blooms once housed many others until they split into several genera decades ago.  Dating all the way back to the 15th Century, chrysanthemums were originally cultivated in China and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  And even though “mums” are often times thought of as autumn blossoms, I would urge you to explore the brighter varieties for a spring and summer bouquets as well!

Say “I Do” with Delphinium!

Part of the buttercup family, this delicate flower has mass appeal!  Many times cultivated for flower arrangements, delphiniums are awesome for adding color and depth to bouquets.  Because of their buds bloom in a vertical pattern, they can create very unique and colorful looks!  However, be weary, these blooms are extremely poisonous… so, don’t eat them!  Stick to the buffet instead – haha!

Ooh la la!  It’s Pretty Protea!

I’d be lying if I said these didn’t scare me at first…  Also known as “sugarbushes,” protea flowers were named after the Greek god Proteus who was capable of changing his form at will… and rightfully so!  These incredibly exotic looking plants come in about a schmillion shapes, sizes, colors and blooms!  While their stand alone look might be too funky for some, they can be amazing additions when added into arrangements!

Think Outside the Box with Phlox!

Dead sere, I love this dainty flower!  Available in shades of white, purple, blue, pink and yellow, you’d be hard pressed not to find one to coordinate with your wedding colors!  And, with their pansy-like appeal and clustering blossoms, they also can give great texture and fullness to arrangement they’re filling!

It’s like a Dream: Ranunculus Reverie!

A cousin to delphinium, ranunculus are also part of the buttercup family… and how can anyone NOT love anything involving “buttercups”?  Almost resembling a softer, more delicate rose, these bountiful blossoms come in just about every color imaginable.  Great for adding into an arrangement or flying solo, there’s no doubt that brides will go re-donk-ulous for ranunculus!

Who Says the Best Things in Life are Free?: Breakdown of Today’s Wedding Budget

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in denial (lucky you!), it’s fairly obvious to the average American that economic expenditures aren’t quite what they used to be.  However, couples in love are proving that it would take more than a financially recessing nation to prevent them from tying the knot and are saying “I do” anyways!  (Ha!  Take that, you insolent, money crunching economy!  Looks like love truly DOES conquer all!)  

Anyhoot, with all the couples still tying the knot, one question still remains: how much moolah are they gonna spend?  While the average wedding budget took a dip in 2009, falling to $19,581, The Wedding Report – a research company that specializes in gathering and reporting wedding industry trends, facts and information – is happy to report that 2010 is proving to be a year on the incline for bridal budgets everywhere, increasing to $20,187! 

Below is a breakdown of how much the average couple is spending and where they’re spending it.  This will hopefully give all you future brides-to-be out there a better idea of where to allot the least (and the most) amount of your budget!  Cheers and happy planning!

Average Bridal Budget:

How much is the average bride spending?

  • 2008                    $21,814
  • 2009                    $19,581
  • 2010                    $20,187
  • 2012                    $21,400
  • 2014                    $22,300

Bridal Budget Breakdown:

And where is she spending it? (Based on a $20,000 Budget)

  • Reception                                          45%
  • Ceremony                                            3%
  • Attire                                                    10%
  • Photography/Video                          11%
  • Entertainment/Music                       10%
  • Flowers                                                9%
  • Invitations/Stationery                         2%
  • Transportation                                    2%
  • Wedding Rings                                  2%
  • Gifts                                                      2%
  • Miscellaneous                                    4%

Bridal Veils & Headpieces: A Wedding Day Expense Often Times Forgotten

Me + My Veil (Photo Courtesy of Jessika Feltz Photography)

So many brides can get caught up in the excitement of a buying their wedding dress, that more often than not, they will negate the cost of their veil and / or headpiece.  Fair Warning: DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT do this! 

Because that, my dear brides-to-be, is exactly what I did.  I was soooo pumped to pick out my wedding gown that I totally spaced budgeting in the cost of a veil, which was – in the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman after re-entering a store that previously snubbed her - a “Big mistake!  HUGE!”

I was shocked at the price most bridal stores charged for their veils and headpieces.  Maybe it’s just me, but it seems more than a bit ridiculous to charge $500-$1000 for what is basically a glorified piece of tulle sprinkled with glass pearls and rhinestones.  While I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no a fashion designer nor do I house any type of skills when it comes to sewing, my best friend (whhhaddd up, Bre!) does.  In fact, the girl’s a regular wardrobe wizard at both, and even while living in the expensive, fashion capital of the U.S., New York, she didn’t hesitate for even a second to scoff at the prices herself.

I specifically remember having a conversation with her about the cost of the veil I was interested in.  After describing it to her, I was like, “And I do love it, but honestly… $XXX for something I’m only going to wear during the ceremony and is merely a layer of dazzling tulle?!?!?”  Her response was a quick and direct: “Whaaaaaat??  That’s reee-dics!”  (*reee-dics = abbreviation of ridiculous)

Bre’s reaction was just the assurance I needed to know that A) I wasn’t crazy and B) they (aka the bridal boutiques) were.  Of course, in the end, I proved to be the true whackadoodle by getting it anyways…  thanks solely to my wonderful God parents (XOXO! Uncle Spike and Aunt Pam!)… tallying the score card to: Bridal Store – 1, Mary – 0.

Of course, I still can’t blame myself wholly for this whoop-sa-daisy, knee jerk decision… and have an excellent reason why.  Bridal stores are ahhhmazing at fooling brides with their genius trickery by strategically placing the veil and / or headpiece on your head while trying on dresses… Distracted by the “ooh’ing” and “aww’ing” over the dress, one doesn’t even have a chance to object until after you’ve fallen completely in love with the Oh-My-Gosh-I’m-Really-Getting-Married-And-I’m-Gonna-Make-The-Prettiest-Bride-Ever look every girl will find herself having.  And yet, I digress.

While I do not deny the time, effort and energy that potentially went into making my veil (cough, cough), I do know that the expense of materials was no where NEAR the amount of moolah that was spent.  So, might I suggest to any bride out there looking to wear a veil AND save some cheese, imlpore the help of a friend or family member with sewing skills to perhaps help make you one of your very own.

Here, in Indiana, a yard of tulle can be as cheap as $1.50, and even out in New York at Mood – one of the most famous fabric shops – you can still get it for around $5.00 / yard.  Also, places like JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores sell Swarovski crystals in packs for as cheap as $2.49… bringing the cost of a veil way, WAY down from a boutique price!  Not to mention, decorative headpieces and tiaras can be found for super cheap in malls across America at stores such as Claire’s and Icing, and even if you don’t have these stores (or ones comparable to them), it’s almost just as easy and even more fun to hit up your local craft store and make one yourself.

Finally, if you’re a bride who’s found yourself in the same boat as me – considering jumping ship on the SS Bridal Veil – might I also suggest borrowing from friends or family?  I actually used my sister-in-law’s headpiece for the day and counted it as my “something borrowed;” therefore doubling as a budget cruncher and tradition filler!  Perfect-o moon-do!

P.S. For great finds at nearly half the price, try GlamForLess.com!

Nicole Richie + Joel Madden Make It Official

Photo Courtesy of billboard.com

And can I just say, “Good for you, Nicole and Joel… Good.For.You!!”  These two crazy kids have been canoodling for over three years now, and while they’ve been engaged for quite some time, they didn’t make an official announcement until this past Monday via Richie’s interview on the Late Show with David Letterman and Madden’s tweets.  According to People.com, rock ‘ n’ roll’s royal couple applauded their family and friends for keeping this delicious dish under lock and key long enough for them to enjoy it as a couple first, before letting the whole world in.

Again, I gotta say, “Good for you!”  I love love love that they wanted some time for themselves before they broadcast their nuptials to the world.  Wedding news going global almost seems inevitable when you’re a celebrity; so, it’s refreshing to see when famed friends find value in something more than publicity.

Armed with two b.e.a.uuuutiful babies, daughter Harlow (2) and son Sparrow (5 months) and what appears to be true Hollywood happiness, Richie and Madden will be walking down the aisle… and no one could be prouder than Papa Richie himself.  He reported to People.com exclusively,

My happiness for Nicole and Joel knows no boundaries.  They have given me two beautiful grandchildren… and have proven to be great parents.  Lionel Richie 

Awww!  You gotta love a daddy’s love for his daughter :)

Now, as far as when these two will unite in wedded bliss?  Who knows??  Only time will tell, I suppose.  In the interim, however, you can be sure I’ll keep my fingers crossed and mailbox cleared for an invite!  Haha!  Congrats again you two and cheers to many years of happiness!

Stand Out in Style with these 10 Unique Wedding Color Combos

With so many colors to choose from, it’s easy to see how a bride can get lost when she tries to taste the rainbow… but fear not, young padawans (Star Wars reference, anyone???… No?  Too nerdy??  I knew it)… As I was saying, fear not… for I, the incredibly enlightening Mrs. Dietz and my fashionista warriors at Marilyn’s Keepsakes have come up with some delightfully unique color schemes that will surely leave you inspired!

Below are 10 of today’s most unique color combos, as well as sample displays of each!  Enjoy!  (Photos Courtesy of Google Images.  Merged by yours truly using the power of Photoshop)

Magenta + Orange + Yellow

It’s a regular springtime sorbet buffet!  Inspired by the hottest hues on the color wheel, this ultra vibrant palette mixes fresh-ta-def attitude with energetic appeal.  It will surely have all your guests saying, “Ooh la la!”

Royal Blue + Silver + White

Being that blue is 2010′s hottest color trend; it’s no surprise that it makes it on our list in several spots.  Seen here with crisp whites and shimmering silvers, this regal blue and pewter palette is the perfect combination of clean lines and courtly appeal.

Lime Green + Lilac

The difference between “ordinary” and extraordinary” is that bit of “extra.”  While Kelly green and royal purple have been considered complementary colors forevs, it’s always nice to turn it up of notch.  By choosing more energetic shades of each, you’ll create a look nothing short of incredible!

Champagne Pink & Chocolate

Creating a layout that looks as delicious as it sounds, this combination of baby doll pinks and deep shades of brown will surely give you an endless amount of ideas.  From delectable favors to feminine frock, this is one wedding look that will easily stand the test of time!

Daffodil + Gray

It’s retro chic at its finest!  While yellow and gray may not seem like a bridal favorite, when you put them together, you’ll create a look that is as one of a kind as your love!  From friendly flowers to beautiful brooches, these are two gorgeous hues that will leave them breathless!

Teal Blue + Cherry Red

Talk about having the va-va-voom factor!  This color combination is a sexy saturation of the coolest blue and hottest red and will look ahhh to the mazing no matter what season we’re in!

Honeydew Green + Sweet Pea Pink

If little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, then there’s no doubt in my mind they’ll delight in this super modish wedding palette.  Gorgeous for a spring or summer hooplah, this honeydew / sweet pea scheme has all the right shades to turn any wedding decor from drab to FAB!

Scarlet Red + Burnt Orange + Chocolate

*Fall* in loaf with a wedding color scheme that brings regal style and luxurious luminescence together.  Ideal for the autumnal bride in all of us, this rich palette of deep red, dark orange and chocolate brown has standing ovation written all over it!

Emerald Green + Sapphire Blue + Gold

Inspired by one of today’s hottest wedding resources – the peacock – this eclectic palette of jewel tones is perhaps the most regal on the list!  Because jewel-toned hues have an oversaturated look, sometimes brides may be intimidated by their powerful punch… but don’t be!  If you choose this scheme, you’ll delight in having a look that is absolutely RICH with style!

Dusty Rose + Cornflower Blue + Latte

Say it with me… Vin(tage)tastic!!!  Okay, so maybe it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but this color scheme is still one of the most drool worthy looks of today’s modern bride.  It’s takes the past and has it shake hands with the future, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

A ‘Castle’ Wedding for a Budgeting Bride

Photo Courtesy of the tennessean.com

Thanks to celebrity power couples like Tom and Katie, Eva and Tony and Victoria and David, castle weddings are becoming all the rage for brides the world over.  Providing the best in dream-come-true- appeal and over the top glam-ocity, it’s easy to see why a castle would make an idyllic setting for the princess bride in all of us.

… But what happens when there’s a trim budget to take into consideration?  Is a Castle Wedding still possible?  Well, according to Jessica Patterson and Matt McCullough, it sure the heck is! 

Recently featured in the Tennessean, Patterson and McCullough tied the night this Valentine’s day (2.14.2010) at their favorite castle during the wedding ceremony of their dreams.  Under a very tight budget and the unmistakable glow of fluorescent lighting, the couple said “I do” front of all their family and friends inside of one the world’s most famous (and delicious) castles ever… White Castle.

That’s right.  Home of the world famous sliders and Patterson’s job for the last four years, the Murfreesboro White Castle provided the perfect setting for their newlywed nuptial love to shine, and it did it all without breaking their bank.

With the help of her co-workers, family and friends, Patterson was able to pull off the day she has now dubbed “the happiest day ever” and was quick to credit all those who assisted in getting the plans together.  “I’m just tickled it turned out so nice,” she said.  <Siiiighhhh> Young love :)

So, without further adieu, can I just say that I love this?  I’m all about couples making their wedding day their own, and this, my dear friends, is making it your own.  To me, Patterson and McCullough knew the “who” on a wedding day is a schmillion times more important than the “what, where, when, why and how’s.”  Consider yourselves, Marilyn’s Keepsakes approved, Julie and Matt and cheers to many years of happiness!

P.S. Feel free to send any of the leftover reception treats to me.  Goodness knows, I’m always down to get my onion petal / chicken ring / slider munch on!

If Valentine’s Day is for Lovers… What Happens to All the Loners?

Photo Courtesy of Zazzle.com

I came across a post on OneWed.com featuring Jessica Alba today that I found incredibly pertinent to share with all of you.  In lieu of the looming Cupid Shuffle weekend, the recently married, movie star gave all unmarried women a mantra to relish in… if your haven’t found Mr. Right, enjoy Mr. Right Now.  Haha!

While this is The Best WEDDING Blog Ever, I think it’s important to pay homage to everyone still looking.  After all, if you don’t seek, you won’t find, and if you don’t find, it’s nearly impossible to wed.  (Well, unless you suffer from objectum-sexuality.  Then, just about anything within reach is fair game – haha!)

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I used to loathe Valentine’s Day.  In fact, during my four year stint at good ‘ole Indiana University, my roommates and I used to refer to the day as “Black (fill-in-the-day-it-fell-on-here)”… pretty much dubbing it a day for mourning.  What I learned, however, from all my years of being a depressing Denise is that sitting around whining about not having a Valentine into a cup of booze and (ironically) a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby was the last place I would ever find love.

I mean, you don’t have to be a wizard to know that whiny, over-eating women aren’t considered Grade A, top choice by the male population.  Sitting around feeling sorry for myself, never did me (or my stomach) any favors, which is why I implore all of you – single, dating, married or otherwise – to go out an enjoy Valentine’s Day.  Whether you do something with the one you love the most or simply a bunch of people you love to be around, get out there and celebrate!  How??  You might ask…

Well, for those of you with a loving man at home, I suggest you give him a good squeeze this Valentine’s Day and remind him how nice it is to come home to him every night… but more importantly, for those of you still looking… don’t stay in this weekend and plot a way to steal Cupid’s arrows and shoot him down.  Instead, might I recommend you go out and live it up.  Gather some girls, and get’r’done!  You deserve it; they need it, and let’s be honest, you just might find a man you’d be proud to bring home to Mama… or in Ms. Alba’s case, at least one who’ll do for the night ;)

Top 10 Ways 2 Save: The Wedding Edition

Let’s get real here.  Finding true *louvre* is no easy feat, and once it’s found, it’s not always smooth sailing.  Like all the best things in life, love needs three T’s: Time, Talent and Treasure (yes, treasure.)  While you might think money is no matter to love, I would beg to differ.  In the words of Madonna, “We are living in a material world, and (while you might think you’re one and above it all, I bet you still love flowers, nights out and a place to live; so, it’s time to sing it with her…) I am a material girl.”  

All joking aside, though, when it comes to wedding planning, many couples are left feeling “rich in love” but “poor in wallet.”  Few of us have bottomless bank accounts when it comes to budgeting our nuptials.  So, it helps to think about the big picture.  You need to allot enough money for the things which matter the most to you. Cut corners and trim the budget on all the extra, less important items.  Below are the Top 10 Ways to Save on Your Wedding: 

  1. Avoid Saturday.  By choosing an off day, you will avoid paying a premium for services.  You might also be able to afford your dream photographer, ideal wedding location or perfect caterer by choosing an “off” day when most aren’t booked.
  2. Trim Your List.  The amount of people in attendance will quickly make your budget boom.  Trim your guest list by moving your wedding elsewhere – such as a destination wedding - or politely explain the wedding is only for close family.
  3. Repurpose + Restructure.  Think of ways to get more bang for your buck.  Have your bridesmaid’s place their bouquets on the reception tables as centerpieces or order mini wedding cakes, allowing the confections to act as both a decoration and dessert.
  4. Surf the Web.  Go online for everything from RSVPs to bargain shopping.  There are many cost saving applications and purchases to be found online, and it only requires time.
  5. Redeem Your IOUs.  Call in favors from friends and family.  Ask if anyone can do calligraphy, spin the turn tables or dabble like to moonlight as aspiring photographers or florists.
  6. Cut the Fat.  Remove the some of the trimmings from your food choices.  Instead of offering hors d’oeuvres, a sit down meal and an open bar, schedule your wedding between meals.  Offer only cake and drinks or simply, lighten up on the food, eliminating some of the higher priced items.
  7. Turn Down the Volume.  Cut a chunk of costs by forgoing the traditional wedding band or DJ. Create your own wedding soundtrack by choosing music together and burning it on a CD.  Then, have a friend be your Master of Ceremonies by emceeing and changing the disks.
  8. Become a DIY Diva.  Creating your own wedding invitations, wedding favors or wedding programs is a simple way to save a lot of money. With today’s high quality DIY kits, all you need is a quality printer and time to create a professional look without a professional price.
  9. Beg, Borrow + Steal.  Okay, don’t steal, but try borrowing items that are generally bought or rented.  Consider using family heirlooms such as candlesticks, wedding accessories or serving ware instead of renting or buying. It also adds a nice personal touch.
  10. Elope!  The easiest way to save a lot of money on your wedding is to elope.  You can still throw a killer party, letting your friends and family celebrate with you but you avoid over  half of the fees related to a formal wedding.

The key to saving money on your wedding is to choose to forgo items which aren’t important to you in the long run. Decide on what you can’t live without and scrutinize everything else.  And cheers, to many MANY years of happiness!

Top 10 Song Choices for All Your Must Have, Wedding Reception Moments

Traditionally speaking, there are several moments everyone can expect to take place during any given wedding reception.  You can generally always count on a cake being cut, a bouquet being tossed and a garter being flung.  There will inevitably be a mother + son, father + daughter and bride +groom spin on the dance floor, followed by toasts and cheers and almost unavoidably a family member embarrassing him/herself… Yep, gotta love “those” people showing up for all our special occasion needs.

With that said, it’s easy to see why many brides and grooms have a hard time narrowing down what songs should be played at what events.  Whether there’s a lack of passion or too much passion behind the music, many couples either have too many song selections to pick from or not enough. 

And while there may be no perfect solution to finding the balance, here are some suggestions to get you started:

Top 10 Introduction / Wedding Party Entrance Songs

  1. I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas
  2. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
  3. Forever by Chris Brown
  4. We Are Family by Sister Sledge
  5. Bring ‘Em Out by T.I. featuring Jay-Z
  6. Sexyback by Justin Timberlake
  7. Celebration by Kool & the Gang
  8. Crazy in Love by Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z
  9. Get Ready for This by 2 Unlimited
  10. Walk This Way by Aerosmith featuring Run DMC

Top 10 Bride + Groom Dance Songs

  1. At Last by Etta James
  2. God Blass the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts
  3. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
  4. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley
  5. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
  6. When You Say Nothing at All by Alison Kraus
  7. Better Together by Jack Johnson
  8. I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith
  9. The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra
  10. Everything by Michael Buble

Top 10 Father + Daughter Dance Songs

  1. I Loved Her First by Heartland
  2. My Little Girl by Tim McGraw
  3. What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
  4. My Wish by Rascal Flatts
  5. Unforgettable by Natalie and Nat King Cole
  6. Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle
  7. My Girl by the Temptations
  8. Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman
  9. In My Life by the Beatles
  10. There You’ll Be by Faith Hill

Top 10 Mother + Son Dance Songs

  1. I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack
  2. You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban
  3. Forever Young by Rod Stewart
  4. Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler
  5. Through the Years by Kenny Chesney
  6. Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  7. Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion
  8. You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins
  9. A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men
  10. The Dance by Garth Brooks

Top 10 Cake Cutting Songs

  1. Sugar, Sugar by Archies
  2. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) by James Taylor
  3. Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
  4. Sweetest Thing by U2
  5. Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
  6. Love & Marriage by Frank Sinatra
  7. That’s Amore by Dean Martin
  8. I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) by the Four Tops
  9. All You Need is Love by the Beatles
  10. I Got you Babe by Sonny & Cher

Top 10 Bouquet Toss Songs

  1. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyoncé
  2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
  3. It’s Raining Men by the Weather Girls
  4. Hit Me with Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar
  5. Just a Girl by No Doubt
  6. Wishin’ & Hopin’ by Dusty Springfield
  7. One Way or Another by Blondie
  8. Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups
  9. Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue
  10. Maneater by Nelly Furtado

Top 10 Garter Toss Songs

  1. Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
  2. Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye
  3. Legs by ZZ Top
  4. Oh Yeah by Yello
  5. Cherry Pie by Warrant
  6. I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred
  7. You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
  8. I’m Still a Guy by Brad Paisley
  9. Big Pimpin’ by Jay-Z
  10. Macho Man by the Village People

Midnight Munchies: Let Your Guests Get Their Late Night Nibble On

(In a haughty French waiter tone) “Dinner is served.”

And to our delight (fingers crossed) it will be followed almost immediately with alcoholic beverages and giant dance circles!   While a marriage may be based on the love of two people, their wedding day is often based on everyone else’s love to celebrate it… so, when a wedding reception goes from late afternoon to an even LATER evening, guests are often times in need of some refueling.

Enter: the Midnight Snack.

Bringing out treats for your guests after a long night of dinner, drinks and dancing will be just what the doctor ordered and could totally restock the sizzle in all of them.

Delightful Midnight Dishes:  Pizza, White Castle Burgers (more affectionately known as “Sliders”), Cheese ‘ n’ Cracker Trays, Fourth Meal (aka Taco Bell), Krispy Kreme Doughnuts or Cold Cut Sandwiches.

***Extra*** if doing a buffet style meal, check with your caterers to see the possibility of reheating leftovers.  It’s a general rule of thumb for caterers to make 10% more food than they expect will be eaten… making the possibilities of leftovers great!