Hit Her ‘Baby One More Time’: Are Wedding Bells (Yet Again) Ringing for Britney?

For cereal, how can you not love her? (Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

Oh, Brit, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love ya… heck, even when I should’ve been shouting, “Show me less!” I still found myself hollering “Gimme More!”  I’ve been a professionally devoted fan from the get, and even when you spent your free time shaving your head (which I claimed was your way of eliminating black roots), breaking umbrellas on sides of cars (‘practicing’ for that ‘role’), flashing your south of the border business to the stalker-razzi (on what I still peg to be your laundry day), flopping around shoeless in gas station bathrooms (obvi the hardest for me to swallow – ’cause that’s just gross!) and fannying about in every rehab this side of the Miss’ippi… I always held out hope, my dear, that you would bounce back…

And bounce back, Ms. Spears, is exactly what you did.  Nearly five years after the opening act of your one woman failblog.org show – can anyone say K Fed, geeesh – you’ve risen up from the ashes, and proven once again, that even though your life may be a Circus, you’ve still – boop-boop-ee-doop – GOT IT!  With two beautiful babies, an unbelievably successful tour, the assumption of a drug free lifestyle, rockin’ abs and a handsome manager / boyfriend, it appears that girl who once tried to give it all away, has rightfully regained her spot back on top… and this bride-to-be couldn’t be prouder! 

Spears + Trawick sharing a laugh (Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

However, why oh why, amongst all this rekindled success did you feel the need to propose (yet again) to your manager / boyfriend, Jason Trawick?  I mean, come on now, Brit.  Didn’t some sort of bell go off inside your head, warning you this just might not be the best of ideas?  You were a Mouseketeer for sobbin’ out loud!  Where was Jiminy Cricket?

According to reports from news.com.au, Brit decided to stake her claim by proposing to her longtime beau / celebrity agent, Trawick, while on the Australian leg of her tour.  After arriving in town with Spears’ two sons, Trawick allegedly proved he is unfazed by the spectacle that can accompany a famed marriage by rejecting Britney’s proposal and reportedly left her feeling devastated.  It’s not that he’s not interested, it’s just that he doesn’t believe any marriage – famed or not –  is simply something anyone should enter into lightly – good for you, Jas! 

So, while I applaud you, Brit Brit, for not hardening your heart on the idea of marriage amongst the first two disasters I’ve decidedly named the Vegas Vortex and the K-Fed Flop, I don’t think it’s in your best interest to Rambo into anything just yet.  At the ripe “old” age of 27, you have more than plenty of time to ease into your next nuptials and plenty of time to enjoy it!

And let’s get real, I’m still secretly hoping that you and Justin Timber-Timber-Timberlake (who remembers that stud muffin’s beat boxin’?) will cut through all the BS, get back togeths, go back to their Mickey Mouse Club roots and get married in Cinderella’s palace… What?  I said it.  ‘Cause THAT, my friends, would be happ-happ-happiest ever after of all!  Hehe!

(Photo Courtesy of Google Images)