Think I’m Scared the Dress Won’t Fit? Think Again!…(or don’t, you had it right the first time – yikes.)


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At first, it was funny…  After taking a bear paw-sized handful of Reese’s Pieces: “Haha, yeeeeaaaahhhp, if I keep this up, I’ll be lucky to fit in my dress.” 

Then, it became pathetic… After eating not one, but THREE homemade cupcakes: (Indistinguishable garbles through a mouth full of surgery, iced goodness) “These are soooo gooood!  Good thing you can’t gain weight on your birthday, right?”

Until finally, it just got downright ridiculous… After eating the bag(s) – yes, plural! - of trick or treat, Halloween candy, four days before even a single, costumed kiddy showed up to receive them: “Well, I figured if I polished it off today, then I wouldn’t be tempted by it tomorrow.”


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I mean honestly, what is the deal here??  Are there any other brides-to-be out there who have found themselves totally turning their back on Will Power?   I am one month away from the big day (hooray!), and apparently, the nearing date makes me EXTRA (aka on the border of you-should-be-ashamed-of-yourself-for-eating-that) hungry.  Excellent.

While I have never been one to freak out about my weight, especially because my Mister enjoys a curvy cutie – hehe, I am rather concerned that the slight tightening of my jeans may be reflected in the weariblity of my wedding dress come 11.28.  Not good.  So, I’ve decided that it’s time I get my “blossoming” booty in gear!

A girlfriend of mine is a personal trainer, and while she has made it very clear that the PC 30-45 minutes of cadio, daily strength training and healthy eating is the BEST solution, it’s not the only solution.  In fact, she told me that if I stuck with doing old school push ups, sit ups, lunges, lower ab crunches and “maintaining portion control” on my diet, I should be fine and dandy.

With that said, if there’s no post on Friday, it’s because I’m either A) too sore from all the old school calisthenics or B) too weak from portion control to type.  Wish me luck!  And here’s some for you too.  (Please limit one per customer – haha!)