Today Daddy’s Little Girl Becomes Tanner’s Beautiful Bride: The “Heartbreaking” Father/Daughter Dance


Papa & Me

I (along with everyone else who knows me) have always known that I am a very emotional, VERY dramatic person.  Heck, I’m famous for tearing up at a sappy AT&T or holiday commercials… don’t judge me.  But one thing I’ve always prided myself on is being able to hold it together when the time called for it…

…When it comes to my upcoming nuptials, however??? Forget about it!  You might as well roll up every single, sappy holiday commercial, love song, hug from your sweet little grandma, fluffy puppy, new born laughing baby, Nicholas Sparks’ novel and tear felt family reunion all in one.  Because I, my dear my friends and fellow brides-to-be, am one big, fat, hot, emotional mess.  Haha, for cereal, I can’t stop from tearing up!

This – of course – was the same sentiment that boiled over when my dad told me what song he had chosen for us to dance to.  Bill (that’s my Papa!) has always been a man of very few words and very great action.  He’s an incredible base of reassurance and a person whose unsung deeds far outweigh everyone else’s (perhaps even combined), which is why I wanted to alot him this one, small victory of choosing our song.  I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he’d do a far greater job than me.  

Weeks into his search, my mom reported that he must’ve spent HOURS upon hours listening, searching and perusing every Web site his two index typing fingers could find… and yes, my dear ‘ole dad still types with just two fingers, hehe!   And after about a month of searching, he finally found what he was looking for and rightfully beamed with pride that he made the perfect choice.  This was super exciting news for me because I knew how long he’d searched, but my excitement quickly turned to sadness when he reported that he wanted it to be a surprise.  I mean really?  I have to wait until the actual big day!?!?  The anticipation was enough to make a pig vomit – see, VERY dramatic.

Anyhoot, because my Papa doesn’t ask or request much, I decided that I would respect his surprise and “patiently” wait for 11.28.2009.  Last night, however, after meeting with our ceremony musicians, he kindly handed me a CD as we walked to our cars and said, “Number 8.”  Confused at first, I got super pumped when I realized it was our song!

I immediately hugged and kissed everyone goodbye, hurriedly ran to my car and before even buckling my belt or shutting the door, I shoved the disk into the dash and anxiously waited for the words to play… And as I drove in my car – with the CD on repeat – I cried.  (Surprise-sa-freakin-saprise, haha!)  My Papa was right; he had picked the perfect song for our Father / Daughter dance.  Here it is.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


I mean honestly, the first line alone!  So perfect for my Papa and me!  I love happy stories; so, I would love love love for all of you to leave the song you and your dad danced to OR even a sweet story about the man who gave you away.

Today Daddy’s Little Girl Becomes Tanner’s Beautiful Bride: The “Heartbreaking” Father/Daughter Dance
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13 thoughts on “Today Daddy’s Little Girl Becomes Tanner’s Beautiful Bride: The “Heartbreaking” Father/Daughter Dance

  1. I didn’t even get to the song before I started crying!!!! I have a feeling that your wedding is going to be the second client’s wedding that I cry at (second because I cried at Amber and JT’s beach wedding because the groom was crying. I cannot handle men crying!) This is a sweet song, Mary!

    • Well, then, you should prolly prepare yourself… because even though in their 35 years of marriage, my mom has never seen my dad cry, she’s convinced that things could get ugly come 11.28. and if that’s the case, I’m doomed… I HATE to see boys cry too!

  2. This is hands down one of my favorite comments ever left on our blog… beautifully written and even more beautifully put, Kat. Thank you so much for sharing, and please tell you dad I said thanks for serving :)

  3. My dad and I danced to “Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. That song is on one of the best soundtracks ever “Good Morning Vietnam”. He and I share a love or history and oldies. He does not share much about his time spent in Vietnam, but I am proud that my dad is a Vet! I hear that song and think of my dad: the young man I will never know, the dad I am truly blessed to have.

  4. Well I don’t have a story for you Mary! My Dad is probably at home trying to pay someone to wisk me away…haha..jk!! I love that you asked your Dad to pick out the song. I don’t know very many Brides that would have done that! Props to you my dear! I am sure you made your Dad’s day when you asked him!

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