The Power of Pink: Help Marilyn’s Keepsakes Fight for a Cure to End Breast Cancer

Breast-Cancer-Awareness-Bride “For it is in giving that we receive.” – St Francis of Assisi

Marilyn’s Keepsakes is proud to do our part to show that “Tatters Matter!”  As a part of our year round, global campaign to fight against breast cancer, we are more than happy to donate 5% of the proceeds we accumulate from our Breast Cancer Awareness line to aid in the fight against breast cancer…

…but that’s not all!

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’ve decided to fly our pink ribbons just a little bit higher and double our donation!  (Hooray for us!)   During the month of October, Marilyn’s Keepsakes will donate an additional 5%, bringing our full donation to 10%! 

Every little bit counts, ladies (& gents - that’s right. Dudes can get breast cancer too!); so, sleep more soundly tonight and know that every purchase you made in our Breast Cancer Awareness line went to support a beautiful cause!  (Hooray for you!)  It’s time we all put the power of pink to the test! 

*After Thought: I wear my pink ribbon with pride in celebration of Nina “Bird” Stull, my future Mister’s beautiful (90 year old!!) grandmother!  Two time survivor… every day thriver!  She gives hope that there is life after cancer! I love love love you, Bird!   Who do you wear your ribbon for??