A Love that Goes to the Moon & Back: A Tribute to my Mister on his Birthday

Falling-in-Love I – don’t get many things right the first time. / In fact, I am told that a lot. / Now, I know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls… brought me here. / And where was I before the day, / that I first saw your lovely face? / Now, I see it everyday. / And I know…

That I am… I am… I am… the Luckiest.

If you’re not a fan of Ben Folds, I suggest you listen to this song, and I bet you’ll change your mind.  Somehow, he knew just the right words to help me open this tribute for my mister, Tanner Douglas.  Tanner is my favorite dude, and someday, if I’m lucky enough to make it to heaven and they ask me what my favorite thing is in all the world (so, they can fill my room with it, of course!)… I would kindly ask them to fill it with mine and Tanner’s “imperfect” love.

Sometimes, I think brides (or girls in general) get caught up in the fairy tale fantasy of love.  I, however, am not one of those girls… I’m simply too spastic for such things, which is why I’m beyond confident in saying that our life is not the fairy tale fantasy most wish for.  Tanner is by no means Prince Charming, and I am by no means Princess Cinderella.  And after nearly four years together, I can honestly say, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  We may not be the fairy tale dream come true, but we are the best, five star, “two thumbs up” romantic comedy this side of the Mississippi. 

We know it’s not just about magical pumpkins and fairy godmothers; nor is it about just loving each other in “good times… for richer… and in health.”  It’s about loving each other after the curtains close and you find yourself in “bad times… poor times… and in sickness.”  Real love can be difficult.  It is gritty and raw and unrehearsed, but if you’re lucky enough to find it, hold on… because it’s far more rewarding than any cartoon fantasy could ever be.  Cinderella needn’t worry about me.  She can keep her glass slippers, because I have my super tall Harry Burns, and he has his non-smoking Bridget Jones.

We may not be perfect, but we’re perfect for each other.  Every day isn’t filled with candy and flowers and rainbows, nor are they always the easiest.  In fact, some days can be really hard.  But, if you think for even one second that I have ever questioned the effort, you’d be mistaken.  Because every day is absolutely worth it.  Because he is absolutely worth it, and this is why:   

Tanner is my favorite part of the day.  He is funny and kind and hands down, the wittiest person I know.  He is sweet in the simplest, most unexpected ways, and he makes me feel beautiful, even on my ugliest, frumpiest days.  He is nothing more than a big kid, equipped with an even bigger heart.  His best friend is my 1 1/2 year old nephew, and hearing them laugh together is quite possibly cuter than a wagon full of puppies.  He is incredibly handsome, which makes it even easier for him to be annoyingly charming – one might even say, a little too easy, haha.  He always lets me go first, but he will never ever just let me win…  That, I have to work for, which I like.  I like to be challenged, because it makes me better.  HE makes me better. 

Tanner loves me the best way he knows how – recklessly and unapologetically, and will proudly announce it to anyone – whether they’re listening or not.  His hand is the perfect fit for mine and holding it in the car makes me look forward to even the longest drives or busiest, traffic jams.  He once told me that I was his angel, but truly, he’s mine.  He saved the girl who questioned herself and made her feel invincible.  He’s the one person who doesn’t mind when I fall, because he gets to be the one, waiting at the bottom, to catch me.  He has the kindest, most accepting eyes, and there is no one in this entire world I’d rather grow old with than him.

With him – as imperfect as we both may be – I know that I am… I am… I am… the Luckiest.  Happy birthday, buddy!  Two more months until we make it official!! 

I invite you all to share why your man makes you feel like “the Luckiest.”  If anything, you’ll make this big sap’s day :)  Or simply enjoy the cutest video ever…