Indianapolis Welcomes TV’s Hottest ‘Kids Next Door’ Newlyweds: Kendra + Hank

Indiana-Welcomes-Kendra-+-Hank I know.  I know.  BAAAHHLEIVE ME, I know.  It’s for shame that I even admit this out loud; however, the best news I’ve heard all week – dare I even say all month? – is that recently famed Newlyweds Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are coming to Indiana!  That’s right.  The former ‘Girl Next Door’ and her main squeeze are the newest members to join Indiana’s finest!!  So, at the risk of sounding like a total nerd, can I just say, “hip hip and HOORAY!” 

Lord knows, I love me some celebrity action!  And as a glorified, born and bread Midwestern Girl, I know that Indiana is not the pick of the litter when it comes to Hollywood hot spots.  Heck, it’s not even a luke warm litter; it’s probably more like “hey-I-flew-over-that-place-once” litter.  (Siiiigh)  So, imagine how pumped my little bride-to-be heart was when it came across this incredible news!!  Recently accepted as the newest member of the Indianapolis Colts, Baskett’s wide receiving skills can be held accountable for bringing this famed Mr. and Mrs. to town.  Way to be, All Star! 

After watching their well-ta-do E! Wedding Special, it’s more than safe to say that my heart grew a little fonder of these two crazy kids.  As Kendra stammered and giggled through her vows, I couldn’t help but laugh myself… which is why I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before our paths cross and we start to hang out and tailgate and exchange wedding tips and advice – no worries, I’ll totally share with all of you – and just become the best of friends!  Haha!  What?  Too much?… I knew it :)

Okay, okay, while I’ll admit my thoughts may be a smidgey bit over zealous, I will say this.  The Colts are on the road for their next two games; so, what are the odds that they’ll “conveniently” be back in town for their next home game on October 4… the same day as my bridal shower??… Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  Looks like Kendra will be back just in time to join us!  Haha! 

For real though, it really is exciting to have famous “I do’ers” walking around Marilyn’s Keepsakes hometown.  So, from our house to yours, K-Dub and Mr. B, might I just say, a big, fat, hearty Welcome!  And we’ll see you on Sunday!

Indianapolis Welcomes TV’s Hottest ‘Kids Next Door’ Newlyweds: Kendra + Hank
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One thought on “Indianapolis Welcomes TV’s Hottest ‘Kids Next Door’ Newlyweds: Kendra + Hank

  1. This is awesome, but I could just imagine Kendra’s complaining about Indiana…haha!!! We can show her the rope’s though! I know she is excited to have the opportunity to hang out with YOU!! We spoke earlier this week! She is game for a GAME!!! LOL!

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