Peacock Power: Trending Up Weddings Everywhere

Feather-Wedding-Dress I have three words for this growing trend: Va Va (and) Voom!  If you’re a bride looking for something out of the ordinary, you needn’t look any further than this post… because when it comes to regal style, bold colors and overall ooh la la, nobody (or bird – for that matter) quite compares to the peacock.  Armed with their pizzazz-worthy pallet and exotic looks, peacocks have been pecking their way into the wedding scene for years, and after viewing some of their wedding inspired creations, it’s not hard to see why. 

Everything from bridesmaid dresses to invitation designs have been invaded by our gorgeous, feathered friends.  Just imagine lavish blues, arresting greens, majestic purples and dazzling golds oozing through your wedding day.  Hard to resist, wee?  It could be as easy as sticking peacock feathers in your bridesmaid’s bouquets; having a gold aisle runner; teal tablecloths; purple boutonnieres; the list goes on and on. 

Some brides choose to merely draw on the peacock’s royal color scheme in order to create their one of a kind wedding; while others take a more literal approach and douse everything from hairdos and bridal shoes to centerpieces and accessories with peacock fur.  The choice - as always – would be totally up to you.  

So, whether you choose to have an avant-garde, over the top peacock explosion or one flickered with simple hints and color pops, these fascinating pheasants can inspire as much or as little of the overall aesthetic as you’d like.  Believe you me, when it comes to a peacock themed wedding, the only limitation is your imagination.  Your wedding day is all about you; so, let it reflect your style and fashion.