“Yes, Prince William, I Will Marry You”: A Young Girl’s Dream Shattered??

Prince-William-3 According to the latest and greatest water cooler gossip, even though Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t officially engaged, there is a definite “understanding” that wedding bells will chime (at some point) down the road.  Carlanne McCrystal of the Examiner, reports that the marriage will more than likely take place before his grandmother celebrates her 60th anniversary as Queen Mum of England.  (For all you none-history buffs out there, this is less than three years away.)

Which means… we all have something REGAL to look forward to – hehe!  For real, I can’t be the only person who finds Royal weddings fascinating!  They can pluck a girl from obscurity and make her into a real life princess!!  Hello???  Do I even have to remind you of one of the greatest pieces of cinema ever made??  Say it with me, people, Cinderella.  <Swoooon>

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the hope-ful romantic, little girl inside me, but it would be difficult for my arms not to fill with goosebumps when I see a love story unfold… let alone one that happens between a prince and princess.  So, congrats Sir William and Lady Kate!  I look forward to your nuptials :)  

And for an added bonus…

In accordance with this news (and the minor fact I’m fixing to get hitched to another myself), I suppose I should retire my famed letter I wrote to Prince William oh-so-many-years ago, which I give to you now.  I have two words for this… too and much.