To Save The Date Or Not To Save The Date?

That IS the question.

My Beautimous Creation

My Beautimous Creation

I come from a huge family; so, for my entire life, I’ve been working the wedding scene.  The first wedding I ever attended was at my aunt and uncle’s… still cooking inside my Momma’s belly.  And since my debut to the outside world, I’ve frequented many, many more wedding day celebrations.

In recent years, however, I’ve noticed that “Save the Dates” cards / magnets / notes / letters / (fill in your choice) have dramatically increased in popularity.  Of course, not everyone does it, but it’s definitely a wedding trend on the rise, especially with younger generations.  Even with the economic crisis depressing all current events (gag), I still receive Save the Dates more often than not.  Because their cost can be minimal, many couples use this as an option to ensure all their favorite people have their calendars marked to PAR-TAY on their behalf.

The Mister and I are among the hoards of couples to jump on this booming bandwagon, and while I love love love the way they turned out, I’m afraid I may have made one, wee little mistake.  I designed them myself using Adobe Photoshop and our “Save the Date” Magnets (please see photo above), and while there  are no Save the Date “must do” formatting rules, there are several Wording and Etiquette Tips I was able to follow for ideas.

Daring to be different, I created an original design merely using all the tips and examples as “guidelines,” and let my creativity take the driver’s seat.  But does anyone else see a problem with the design my parent’s already oh-so-graciously paid for??  Perhaps something that’s missing??  That’s right.  I didn’t include our names!

Hahaha!  I’m hoping – however – if we loved them enough to invite them to our wedding, surely, they’ll know our faces.  If not, I suppose they can spend the next three months waiting on the edge of their seats in curious anticipation… until the mystery is solved by the formal invitations.  It’s my first – I’m sure of many – wedding day oops-sa-daisies :) 
To Save The Date Or Not To Save The Date?
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8 thoughts on “To Save The Date Or Not To Save The Date?

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  2. I am soo LMAO right now @ you!!

    I think a worse mistake is not putting response cards into a wedding invitation, like the one I received this week from a family member. Not sure how I’m going to tell them that I’m coming, but there ya go! hahahahaha

  3. simple oversight, could have happened to anyone. bright side?! at least now you’ll only be THAT GIRL that printed up all her magnets and didn’t put their names. Can’t be traced back to you once it goes public. Good job otherwise… :-)
    Love Sven Dinglehoeffergoogen

  4. you are hysterical!!! but lets be honest…who could forget a face like that ;) love love love reading your blog!!

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